Who is the new tank hero in Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass?

surveillance 2 has just announced a new support hero, Kiriko, after months of speculation about a possible “Fox Girl” character. But in pure gamer fashion, the over watch The community is already speculating about which hero will be next.

Unlike in the past, when Blizzard was particularly secretive about which heroes will be included in the list, the developers have created a roadmap over watch 2 thanks to its new Battle Pass system. The content roadmap states that a tank hero will arrive with it OW2 Season two as part of the Battle Pass.

Image by Blizzard Entertainment

However, it’s currently a mystery who this tank hero will be. That over watch The community naturally has some ideas, with most fans throwing the Mauga name around.

Mauga was first mentioned in Baptiste’s short story when the support hero was launched. “What You Left Behind” featured Mauga with a bunch of tattoos and colorful clothing, making him a prominent part of the story. In combat, Mauga is equipped with heavy armor, an energy shield, and dual machine guns, making him feel like the perfect tank hero for the new aggressive meta.

Blizzard developers seem to confirm Mauga

As the over watch Community started whispering about the possibility of Mauga, a post on Reddit seemed to confirm the suspicions.

A French content creator named Potxeca had been prominently interviewed surveillance 2 Developers in a since-deleted video where names like Aaron Keller and Geoff Goodman may mention Mauga could be the next tank hero after Junker Queen.

Of course, this still wasn’t from Blizzard itself, which made many skeptical. Others noted that plans are subject to change, meaning that even if the source is legitimate, the developers could decide to go with a different hero instead.

While Mauga has definitely been whispered about since then, Blizzard has neither confirmed nor denied that Mauga will be added to the ever-growing list over watch 2.

Blizzard announces new heroes in over watch 2

When the game first launches, there will be 35 heroes, including Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko. The new heroes are all kitted out perfectly for the new five-on-five playstyle and are designed to have less harsh counters, giving players a wider choice of effective heroes in any situation Offer.

According to a recent Blizzard blog post, the new heroes that come with each season, including Kiriko and the upcoming tank, will not be used in competitive modes for a few weeks after the season’s launch. This allows the developers to tweak each hero as needed and give players ample time to experiment with them.

“Because of this shift in hero design approach, we believe that the introduction of new over watch 2 Heroes through the Battle Pass system is fair to our players, respects the competitive nature of the game, and aligns with our goal of support over watch 2 as a live service,” the developers said.

New heroes are unlocked at level 55 on the free track of each Battle Pass. Players get them automatically when they purchase the premium version of the Battle Pass.

After introducing the new tank hero in the second season, Blizzard said that there will be a new hero every other season. That means there will be more heroes in seasons four and six.

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