Vera Wang says her new Prosecco, PARTY, represents her “fun, crazier” side


This afternoon the fashion designer Vera Wang presented her Italian premium Prosecco PARTY. She said it should convey “a little joy, partying, dancing, laughing”; Things that we have not been able to accept in the last year and a half. “

The process of designing and bottling PARTY began two years ago when Wang said she wanted to create a drink for weddings and special occasions. The prt-à-porter bridal designer said Prosecco felt like an organic extension of her brand as Italian sparkling wine is the most widely consumed drink at weddings. According to a 2015 study by Laithwaite Wines, 63 percent of couples roasted with Prosecco, and over 8 percent with champagne. “It’s not that the brand is expanding, it’s just a natural fulcrum for things that I think are relevant to us. If there is anything else that can help us to get in touch with the consumer, that is important to us, ”said Wang about the inclusion of Prosecco in an existing range of bridal, jewelry, scented and stemmed glasses.

However, when the pandemic canceled weddings amid a host of milestone celebrations, Wang welcomed a new insight. “Prosecco is not just about weddings, it’s about celebrating life,” said Wang. “You could celebrate alone or celebrate small moments, daily moments, not just milestones.”

Equipped with a metallic sheen and neon nomenclature, PARTYs Flakon supports Wang’s latest fashion work with neon, which in their opinion implies modernity and a youthful energy. “Neon is an integral part of my vocabulary today,” she said, adding that when it comes to Prosecco, this is the “funnier, crazier side of me that I don’t always show or express”.

Wang presented this comparison in relation to the limited edition vodka she brought out with Chopin in February of this year, justifying her two sides as a designer. While Prosecco embodies her bright, bold styles and celebrations of everyday life, she says the vodka reflects her minimalist attitude and what she represents with ready-to-wear. “Chopin [vodka] is something I drink at night; something that is very sexy and dark, like my black clothes, ”said Wang. “Prosecco is my party page!”

Wang admitted that making the prosecco was less of a party and more of a learning experience, as she and a tight network of friends and family browsed “many” profiles and eventually returned to the fourth profile they tried nose, showcasing apples and stone fruits , like white peaches, while fresh acidity characterizes the palate. The Prosecco is produced by Araldica (the manufacturer of the best-selling Moscato in America) in the Permonte region by the winemaker Claudio Manera in the second generation.

Wang said her memories of drinking Prosecco over an Italian lunch inspired her to originally choose Prosecco as her next business, but now she will enjoy the bubbles everywhere from the beaches of Capri or Positano to the Hamptons or Malibu . “It’s really about what the drink conjures up, the feeling of memory, familiarity and repetition and things that you really like,” concluded Wang. “And if you like something, you like it more than once.”

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