US offsite manufacturing project in Anderson is slowly developing



It is one of Anderson’s largest economic development projects in a long time, with the promise of adding up to 200 jobs to the southern Shasta County community.

On the project site on Industrial Road east of Barney Road, however, there has been calm since the large concrete foundation for the production plant was poured.

That triggered an inquiry from at least one Record Searchlight reader wondering what the status of the US offsite facility is?

I met with CEO Dan Ferreira on Thursday and he told me that things are still moving forward, although there have been some delays, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have invested $ 5 million in the project and are waiting for some things to be completed so we can go further vertically,” he said.

US Offsite is a volumetric construction company that announced in Spring 2020 that it had selected Anderson to build its first manufacturing facility.

At the groundbreaking ceremony last October, Anderson City Manager Jeff Kiser commented on the importance of the project to his community, which has never really recovered from the closure of the Shasta Paper Co. mill nearly 20 years ago.

“That’s really nice, this connection will still exist and now the use of wood will be modernized,” Kiser told me last autumn. “It will compete with and surpass anything that is here right now.”

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Ferreira said the project was about two months behind schedule and he hopes to have the first phase of the plant up and running by January. When the factory opens, around 40 people will work in the factory and 15 in the office.

According to Ferreira, around 200 employees will work at US Offsite by the second year of operation, making the company one of the largest manufacturers in Shasta County.

US Offsite is working with the US Small Business Administration to fund the project. Ferreira said his experience with SBA was that the federal agency was behind on applications.

“So you’ve gone from a 10-day turnaround time to a 45-day turnaround time,” he said.

US-Offsite will manufacture prefabricated modules for multi-family and commercial projects such as apartments, hotels and student dormitories. The modules will be built in Anderson and then shipped to project locations from Seattle to San Diego.

On the construction sites, the cubes are put together like “LEGO” blocks, said Ferreira.

The steel building that will house the US Offsite manufacturing site in Anderson is scheduled to go into operation in September. Ferreira said it won’t be a complicated construction so he is confident the plant can open early next year.

“It’s a huge shed. We’re going to make it look better, but essentially it’s a huge steel building,” he said. “The offices (buildings) are phase 2 and they are more complex. They are connected to the (main) building, but we don’t prioritize that because we don’t need them to start.”

If you are interested in a job visit for more information.

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Property sold on Lake Boulevard. What is the plan?

The property on Lake Boulevard and Black Marble Way across from Shasta Lanes is hard to miss.

On the one hand, a blue and white mural of a Volkswagen bus hangs on the garage door of one of the vacant buildings.

Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, the shabby, neglected property was sold to residents of Redding Balwinder Singh Gill and Rachhpal Kaur Gill for $ 500,000 in March, according to Shasta County’s real estate records.

It is not known what the future plans for the property are.

Lily Toy, Redding’s chief planning officer, said her department had not received any site development requests or had discussions with the new owners.

There have been some rumors that it will be a convenience store. There is already a gas station and mini market across from the Black Marble Way from the property.

I couldn’t reach the owners.

Real estate agent Richard Goates, whose sign is still on the property, has not returned phone messages asking for comment.

Stay tuned.

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This is where you can go if you can’t wait for Burlington in Redding to open

While Redding waits for its new Burlington to open, the retail store celebrates its arrival in Chico on July 9th.

Burlington stores open in Chico Marketplace on East 20th Street. This will be Burlington’s 88th location, the company said.

The Chico store will sell women’s clothing and accessories, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, home accessories, and pet supplies.

In a way, it sounds like a Big Lots !, whose Redding location is in the same mall where work on the new Burlington store began.

The store will be located in the former Kmart Shopping Center on Hilltop Drive, which has been converted into Cascade Station. The mall also includes Ross Dress For Less and 99 Cents Only Store.

The Burlington in Redding is expected to open this fall.

In the meantime, the Chico Store will be open from 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.

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A Washington bank acquires the former Redding Bank of Commerce. Read here: 5353721001


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