This is not a prank – all this content is free to watch this April Fool’s Day!

April Fool’s Day is here – a time for pranks and fun with those closest to you! When the frivolity is over, what better way to celebrate than enjoying a hilarious comedy courtesy of ABC and freeform? Whether you’re looking for a hot new series premiere like “Abbott Elementary School” for a few laughs, hoping to find a cozy movie like “My fake fiancé” and “Pizza my heart with the family or want to watch your favorite throwback sitcoms for the hundredth time, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. Best of all, it’s all free to watch – no joke! So grab the popcorn and warm up your funny bones as we highlight just a few of the many great shows and movies to catch this April Fool’s Day.

Whatever your penchant for comedy, there’s sure to be something that piques your interest in ABC. If you’re looking for a great workplace sitcom, now is the perfect time to check out the series premiere ofAbbott Elementary SchoolWritten by acclaimed author and comedian Quinta Brunson, the series follows five passionate elementary school teachers as they navigate Philadelphia’s public school system and wrestle with their deadbeat principal. If you want something more focused on family dynamics, then you can do that Check out the latest episodes of “The Goldbergs” or maybe even catch up on the final season of “blackish“We say goodbye to the Johnson family.


Alternatively, if you want something more familiar, you can sit down and watch the first groundbreaking seasons of “Samantha Who?” and “8 simple rules…“. Or maybe you want to mix some drama into your comedy, in which case you should definitely check out the Golden Globe winner “Ugly BettyThe full series is also available, so you can revisit the iconic Betty Suarez as she navigates the cutthroat and often superficial world of fashion magazine in her entirety!

Of course, sitcoms aren’t the only thing to have a laugh at on ABC, there’s a plethora of other hilarious shows too! If you want to see groups of celebrities test their knowledge – or at least try to – watch “Celebrity Family Quarrel” and “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune“. Or, if you want a dose of reality, you can watch the latest season of “The bachelor” in its entirety for a limited time, free of charge and without registration!


There are also many great comedies available on Freeform. If you’re looking for a classic sitcom to sink your teeth into, you can check out entire seasons ofMelissa & Joey” and “baby dad” – completely free, no registration required! If you want a little more edge, you can use “Make it or break it‘ while Kaylie, Payson, Lauren and Emily compete for a spot on the national team and a spot at the Olympics.

Don’t worry if you’d rather watch a movie than watch another series. There are also several great freeform original films that are free to stream. If you’re in the mood for some light-hearted romantic comedy and can’t get enough of the Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence combo then you’re in for a movie like “My fake fiancé“. If you prefer your piece of romance to be a classic tale of unhappy lovers, then there’s also “pizza my heart‘ as the children of rival pizza parlor owners fall in love with this modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some fish-on-water comedy, check out “crime of fashion‘, starring Kaley Cuoco as an aspiring fashion designer who finds herself the head of a crime family after the death of her estranged grandfather.

Whatever your plans for this April Fool’s Day joke, find all these movies, shows and more at ABC and freeform.

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