This entrepreneur showcased Shark Tank India with her detachable sleeves and won Rs 25 lakh in funding

During the pandemic, Riya Khattar observed that people don’t spend a lot of money, especially on new clothes. They made do with clothes they already had.

Then she came up with the idea of ​​creating a niche product that could be paired with existing clothing to create a whole new look, feel, and style.

Riya Khattar

This led to the launch of her Heart Up My Sleeve brand, which has now gained immense popularity after Riya launched her idea at Shark Tank India and received Rs Rs 25 Lakh in funding from investors Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal.

“Heart Up My Sleeves was invented during the pandemic, but it also solves another problem. Most girls and women complain that they have too many clothes but nothing to wear. We wanted to change that by adding a glamorous touch to every outfit, ”she says.

Riya studied psychology and comes from a family with a clothing store, which may have sparked her love for fashion and entrepreneurship.

The purpose of Heart Up My Sleeves is simple – to increase the glam quotient of a women’s outfit or the entire wardrobe with detachable sleeves and thus give it a sleek and chic look. It also includes brooches and capes for a complete makeover.

“Women love fashion and who doesn’t like to wear new outfits? In the midst of the pandemic, I learned the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and the intent behind Heart Up My Sleeves was to offer a collectible that gives you many ways to reuse your outfits without feeling like you are repeating them, ”she says .

The sleeves, cloaks and brooches are made in her father’s factory in Delhi, where she employed two tailors.

A cover for every occasion

Riya Khattar with Anumpam Mittal at Shark Tank India

Rhea breaks the concept down by explaining how these can be used.

“These statement sleeves complement every outfit, whether ethnic or western. You can transform your daytime outfit from a basic white t-shirt and jeans into a party look by simply adding one of these sleeves and a pair of heels. To recycle your old sarees, throw in a pair of dazzling sleeves and your favorite jewelry to look glamorous in seconds! To accent your monochrome outfit, you can just add some contrasting statement sleeves, ”she says.

Some sleeves are eye-catching, others enhance the elegance.

“Bodycon sleeveless dresses look extraordinary with lace variants. To style with pants and work outfits, add a pair of neutral sleeves and you’re good to go! From sequins to ruffles and balloons to flair, sleeves are available in all sizes, fabrics and colors for a healthy selection. We’re also going one step further with customization options and 24/7 support for an even better result, ”says Rhea.

Rhea’s co-founder is her older sister, Chandani Khattar, who has a Masters degree in New York City. She has a strong business background and is also an expert on fashion.

Heart Up My Sleeve is aimed at a global audience – women between the ages of 18 and 33.

It also has a lot of influencers wearing their sleeves. Hansika Motwani uses them in one of Tony Kakkar’s music videos. Komal Pandey, Niki Mehra, Bandagi Kalra and Ankita Tiwari have also styled the sleeves in different ways.

Heart Up My Sleeves started with an initial investment of Rs 10,000 and has so far achieved Rs 15 lakh in sales. Recently, Rhea raised Rs 25 lakh to fund 30 percent equity from Investor A. upsetNupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh by clinking glasses Shark tank India.

The current sales model is D2C, where products are sold through its website. Rhea aims to list the brand on all e-commerce platforms in the future. Claiming the brand to be the first to launch these products in India, Rhea looks forward to healthy competition in the market.

“I believe Heart Up My Sleeves is a revolutionary brand. In the future, we also want to bring detachable collars and a whole new line of clothing to the market. We’re going to take this brand to the next level with our newest members of the family: Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh. We believe their expertise and experience will definitely help us grow this business, ”says Rhea.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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