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According to a report released on Thursday, visitor numbers to the world’s top theme parks plummeted 67 percent in 2020 in 2019.

Usually this is Annual report by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the business practice of professional services company AECOM contains updated lists of the most visited parks worldwide and by region.

However, with visitor numbers dropping sharply across the industry due to COVID-19 restrictions, TEA / AECOM has decided not to rearrange the top 25 parks worldwide or the top 20 in America, just provide updated numbers for the parks, who made it the list 2019. Without this context, the rankings may seem wild; Disneyland, for example, is still number 2 in both the world and North America, even though it was closed for nine and a half months in 2020. Based on actual 2020 estimates, the real number 2 would be Shanghai Disneyland.

“The 2020 attendance figures are largely due to government restrictions restricting the parks’ operating days and capacity, rather than the popularity and management of the parks,” said AECOM’s senior vice president of economics, John Robinett, senior vice president – Economics, AECOM. “We already see an enormous amount of catching up to do. The speed with which guests returned to the parks and museums after they reopened testifies to the critical role these leisure facilities play in people’s lives. “

Magic Kingdom retained its bragging rights as the world’s most visited theme park. Here are the full lists, with the ranking based on the parks’ positions in 2019.


Universal Orlando is introducing a more “inclusive” dress code for employees

A new dress code allows Universal Orlando employees to wear visible tattoos, nail polish and makeup regardless of gender.

As reported by Spectrum News 13, the revised guidelines for appearance allow for “tasteful visible tattoos” with size restrictions anywhere but the hands, face, neck, or head of the worker. So far only allowed for female employees, make-up and nail polish can be worn by everyone.

Disney World had made similar changes to its dress code In April.

Legoland Florida opens new Legoland Story Walk-Through on October 15th

On the occasion of its 10th birthday, Legoland Florida is opening a new walk-in exhibition called The Legoland Stort on October 15th.

According to a Winter Haven Park press release, the Legoland Story will cover the story of Legos, how the Legoland theme parks are built and include an original vehicle for the Triple Hurricane roller coaster in Cypress Gardens, the precursor to Legoland Florida. The three models of the finalists of the second season of the “Lego Masters” competition can also be seen.

On the same day, the park’s Miniland will reopen, now with a new canopy to protect both guests and Lego models from the constant Florida sun.

For the 10th anniversary of the park, according to the press release, there will also be pop-ups for the birthday party, which will include “game moments, surprising character appearances and pop-up entertainment”. Guests can also try a new treat, the Apple Fries Cupcake, based on the park’s signature Apple Fries.

Early 2021, Legoland Florida debuted a new 4D film about the Lego Mythica sets. A new gate will be added to the resort in 2022 Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida.


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