The Florida designer is going viral with cat videos

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lorena Pages has transitioned from working in the fashion design industry to a full-time social media content creator – she uses her cats to create fun videos. She also uses her Hispanic heritage to add an extra twist and laugh to her content.

“My main thing is the accent, the misunderstandings, everything that we feel about moving to another country,” Pages said. “All those boundaries and barriers, I kind of flip them into something humorous.”

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Pages is known for her humor and funny voices on social media. Her cat Tokyo stars in several of her videos. In 2019, the Venezuelan native ventured into the world of social media, initially as a hobby, she said.

“I’ve always loved creating comedy content just for me and my friends. I was a bit shy about putting it online,” she said. “I decided to just give it a try and see if anyone liked it; I wasn’t sure if anyone would do that, but…”

To her surprise, Lorena’s humor piqued the interest of social media users.

“I’ve been hanging out with my cats a lot during quarantine, so I felt like they had a lot to say, so I started giving them a voice or sharing their opinion or what I thought was their opinion, and then people started with these audios,” she said.

She recalled that during the quarantine, closets were held back for many, bringing to life one of her most used audios, used by thousands. A user has thus received millions of views.

“For a moment I thought, ‘Oh, maybe this could be some exciting viral Tik Tok audio.’ I didn’t think it would be like a global one,” she recalls.

Lorena’s comedic talent dates back to her childhood.

“I grew up with a mother who was always kind of trying to have a laugh at everything — like everything, even if we had problems, we were happy to get through everything,” she said.

When Lorena was 7 years old, she moved to South Florida from Venezuela with her family and started making videos with a friend.

“We both enjoyed seeing the cultural differences, our language barriers and our customs,” she said. “We just started making videos together because I had this language barrier, so we laughed a lot.”

Despite having a worldwide presence with more than 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok and 241,000 on Instagram, Lorena said her loved ones keep her rooted.

“My family and my friends and also the realization that nothing really changes I guess like followers or something. It makes me rather happy knowing that people enjoy it,” she said.

She is proud of her heritage and of uniting different cultures through laughter.

“I love it, I love that I can share a different culture, and I have a lot of Americans who enjoy that and understand each other better, like our point of view or our difficulties, and we can all connect in some kind of humor,” she said . “I think every month is Hispanic Heritage Month for me, right? Because I live it every day.”

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