The Crowd: The night of “Film, Art, Fashion and Music” at the Gray Matter Museum of Art attracts local influencers


The LA and NYC vibe landed in Bubble Land, also known as Newport Beach, last week and turned up the volume at the Gray Matter Museum of Art in Newport.

An evening with “Film, Art, Fashion and Music”, produced by the much admired art dealer Georgeana Ireland of Ethos Contemporary Art, brought together local influencers to mingle with the LA element for a particularly wild weekday night on the Orange Coast.

The LA fashion and celebrity press and paparazzi recorded the scene as the crowd danced to the recording artist’s performance Luciana, “Queen of Electro”. fashion designer Ninja monk, the LA-based creator of fashionable unisex clothing, held an ongoing parade of trending styles all night while a graffiti artist showcased her work in an area of ​​the museum.

Platinum artist Luciana, the queen of electro, stole the show when she sang “I Like That” in her stunning straw dress on June 10 at the Gray Matter Museum of Art.

(Courtesy Sheri Determan)

In the crowd were OC Real Housewife Braunwyn Windham-Burke With Fernanda Rocha, Michele Ann Einert, Steve Cederquist, Bodybuilders Lauren Powers, Matthew Rhodes, and “This Is Us” actors Bill Chott. Songwriter Nick Clow was the focus next to the pop artist Holy Heart.

Another type of east coast summer style also landed on Fashion Island in Newport Beach. The lively prints and softly flowing sensual fabrics from FARM Rio, which are so familiar to the chic summer wardrobes of the casually fashionable women of Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons, will be available and exhibited in a special pop-up area at Anthropologie until June 25th. Ladies only need the perfect wide-brimmed straw hat and sexy summer sandals to make a statement with the characteristic silhouettes of FARM Rio.

Summer hat at FARM Rio in the anthropology shop until June 25th.

One model wears a summer hat, which will be presented in the anthropology shop at FARM Rio until June 25th.

(Courtesy Ann Marie Oseguera)

The OK community loses two longstanding cultural champions. Kathryn Glassmeyer Cenci, South Coast Plazas Community Relations Empress, who has worked with so many important nonprofit, cultural institutions and local mercy missions that represent the standard for exceptional generosity in the community established by the late Henry Segerstrom, becomes a retired airline captain with her retired husband . We are also to be left for a new phase of life Tim Dunn, an exceptional publicist who has served the Segerstrom Center for the Arts (SCFTA) with great dedication for more than 30 years. Tim goes to Palm Springs. “I have a one-story house there that will serve me well in the future,” he said with a grin.

A very special OC Girl Scout alum, Isabella Madrigal, current freshman at Harvard University, has been selected to host a virtual US National Girl Scouts event with former First Lady Michelle Obama. The event, which took place on May 6th, gathered tens of thousands of Girl Scouts and adult members from across the country as well as from around the world. One focus of the virtual conversation was the “Becoming Me” program, which was launched by Girl Scouts in conjunction with the recently published book by Mrs. Obama Become: Adopted for young readers. This new Scout program is offered free of charge to all Girl Scouts who are enrolled in the membership year 2021-22.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Girl Scout alum Isabella Madrigal.
Local Girl Scout alum Isabella Madrigal was selected to host the national virtual event, the Becoming Me program, with former First Lady Michelle Obama on May 6th.

(Courtesy Caron Berkley)

Homelessness isn’t just serious in Los Angeles. The numbers in the OC, and especially in the coastal districts, which have never before experienced the challenges on a quantifiable basis, continue to grow. Among those who suffer the most are children. Tracy Carmichael, President and chief executive officer of Project Hope Alliance, Newport Beach, reports that the organization’s affiliation with the Newport-Mesa School District recently created a confidential list of 200 students newly discovered to be homeless. Many local citizens have no idea about the crisis. Parents with school-age children may sit next to a friend in class pretending to go home after school, but instead head to a car, tent, or possibly some sort of shelter.

Margaret Bayston and Tana Amen attend lunch on June 4th.

Margaret Bayston, CEO and Executive Director of Laura’s House; and Tana Amen, New York Times best-selling author, founder of Amen Clinic, and Brighter Futures Award winner and keynote speaker at lunch on June 4th.

(Courtesy Ann Chatillon)

Another problem we like to face is the cycle of domestic violence in our midst. Laura’s House, a local agency on a mission to break the cycle, met on June 4th at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach for the sixth annual Brighter Future lunch. The event raised nearly $ 100,000 in support of various Laura’s House programs.

Yvonne Polanco, Batty Bucklen and Staci Fournier at the most recent lunch at the Balboa Bay Resort.

Yvonne Polanco, Laura’s House Brighter Futures Award Winner and Event Committee Member Batty Bucklen and Staci Fournier having lunch at the Balboa Bay Resort on June 4th.

(Courtesy Ann Chatillon)

Manager of Laura’s house Margaret Bayston welcomed generous supporters, including Patty and Patrick Bucklen, Laura and Mark field, Staci Fournier, Laura Khouri, Maryam Malek, Melissa Olson and Angela Ponce.

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