The couple opens AI Hub, the first black-owned creative coworking space in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO, Sept. 10, 2022 – ( – Founders James Spikes III and Taylor Burris officially opened the doors to The AI ​​Hub, the first black-owned creative coworking space in Kansas City, Missouri. The new premises are located in the heart of the City Market and house a collaborative creative coworking space as well as 5 creative studios.

“This is truly a place for artists to continue to express themselves. The AI ​​Hub allows me to feel open and it feels like a real incubator where I can improve,” says contributor Andrew.

The duo had a successful Soft Opening Gallery event in August that highlighted Texas, DC artists and local creatives through Art Garden KC. Based in Missouri, the company not only houses a creative coworking lounge, but also a photography studio, virtual reality workspace, sound recording studio, clothing studio and digital computing lab.

Serving as a survey tool for entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations, the company is innovatively offering local nonprofits the opportunity to host one free event per month in hopes of amplifying their community-based efforts.

With the increase in stay-at-home jobs and new business start-ups during the pandemic, the AI ​​Hub team recognized the need for a one-stop shop that provides studio space, tools, and educational resources at an affordable price for those seeking relief from the Creation needed a home. With a focus on purposeful creativity at the forefront, the duo strives to strengthen creative exploration, entrepreneurship and enrichment.

Unlike other studios or coworking spaces, The AI ​​Hub combines both, focusing on helping entrepreneurs and individuals scale their artistic endeavors. With a commitment to collaboration and education, The AI ​​Hub, through its parent company, has joined NKC Public School’s mentorship program to inspire and advance grades 9th through 12th through the journey of entrepreneurship, design, innovation and technology to lead.

Co-founder Spikes explains: “Creativity and art have no age, no color and no required level of skill. Whether you are experienced, just starting out, or just need a place to have fun, The AI ​​Hub supports your creative pursuits.”

For more information and to become a member, visit, contact [email protected] and follow @theaihubkc on Instagram and Facebook.

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