The 5 best clothing rental companies for sustainable “shopping”.

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Clothing rental websites and services is a phenomenon that has grown in importance in recent years. As we strive to become more eco-friendly, break our late-night online shopping habits, and save our money, some very clever websites have come up with a brilliant idea to help us do that.

What is clothes rental?

Whether it’s a big event that you want a new dress for, or a new fashion trend that you want to try for yourself, these clothing rental websites have solved our crisis that every time we post wanting a fresh fit for the gram without literally costing the earth. Maintaining a collection of the very best in clothing, shoes and accessories, these online rental shops have created some excellent selections for you to rent and return. Set on an item or subscription basis, these rental services ensure you get the most for your money, looking good and enjoying your style, while also striving for a more sustainable future for the planet.

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Clothing rental sites are growing in popularity

By rotation

By rotation acts as an exclusive peer-to-peer lending service where its members can share their own wardrobes and borrow from others on the app. Their users are encouraged to rotate their items between their newfound friends and strive to create a sustainable community of fashion lovers. You can’t just look for a unique designer piece, By Rotation is committed to changing the consumption habits of their users by encouraging us to shop sustainably.

my closet

My Wardrobe allows you to rent (and buy) pieces from the archives of over 500 designers. Most of their items are offered for sale for a fraction of retail value. On the platform you can rent a garment for up to 14 days. Their fully managed service means all items will reach you in pristine condition and they include rental insurance for minor wear and tear that clothing rentals may experience. So you can party stress-free in this dress.


loan is a subscription-based rental site that offers two different membership plans to suit your unique needs. Depending on the number of items you want to rent and the value of the items you want to try, Onloan offers its services to experience the qualities of luxury fashion. Founded by friends Tamsin Chislett and Natalie Hassack, Onloan partners with the most in-demand contemporary designers like Rejina Pyo and Stine Goya to make the brand an incredible resource for those of us who have grown accustomed to hitting the high street leaving.


Rotaro have made it their mission to shake up the fashion world, letting users discover new designer brands and experiment with fashionable styles. From recyclable, reusable packaging to carbon neutral delivery, Rotaro has gone a step further and partnered with Ecolog to encourage reforestation and support climate projects. They even use a newly discovered ozone cleaning method to wash their items upon return to minimize their impact on the environment.

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Endless is definitely the way to shop (or rent) if you’re looking for casual and formal pieces. Unlike the other sites, Endless offers the option to buy the item new or almost new. The company has also launched Endless Better – a sustainable strategy with clear goals that Endless invests a lot of time in achieving. Endless works directly with the brands they stock and takes care of all the maintenance of the clothes that you can rent or buy.

Hurr Collective

Founded in 2017 by Victoria Prew, Hurr CollectiveThe aim is to eliminate people’s bad habits [fashion] Industry‘. In addition to the environmental benefits of online rental services, Prew also explains how fun it can be to use them: “It’s a way of changing your style. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment with different brands.” Stocking the latest luxury trends and pieces, Hurr strives to expand its range and offer its customers a greater choice of sizes above a size 16. Popular with celebrities and influencers alike, this online empire also operates pop-up shops on Selfridges Oxford Street.

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