Tesla’s “CYBERBACKPACK” branding may make every fan’s dream come true

Tesla has applied for a trademark for the term “CYBERBACKPACK,” which happens to be used by a Tesla fan who designed a Cybertruck-inspired backpack.

Will it be the next overpriced Tesla accessory like the Cyberwhistle and Tesla belt buckle?

Last week, Tesla filed a number of new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Most of them referenced terms like “Giga Texas” and “Cyber ​​Rodeo” and appear to be related to securing brands for clothing that Tesla handed out at last week’s Cyber ​​Rodeo event.

But there is one new trademark that caught my eye, CYBERBACKPACK, that didn’t seem directly related to anything that happened at last week’s event.

Tesla wrote in the trademarked application:

“The registration of the CYBERBACKPACK™ trademark is intended to cover the categories of book bags; School bags.”

CYBERBACKPACK happens to be the term used by a Tesla fan named Riz, who designed a Cybertruck-inspired backpack:

Riz designed the backpack to look like the Cybertruck and it even has a battery to charge your device.

Commenting on Yanko Design, Riz said his dream is to sell the backpack on Tesla’s merch site:

“The cyberbackpack is available on their website for $199, although that price is only limited to the first 300 buyers, after that it increases to $349 so Riz can actually make some money out of their pocket at the end. However, his ultimate dream is to list the Cyberbackpack on Tesla’s website as official merch and share the profits with Tesla’s techno king Elon himself!”

It looks like his dream may come true as his cyberbackpack website is now down and Tesla is trademarking the term.

In recent years, Tesla has released several products on its merch website that have been somewhat controversial for being overpriced.

For example, the $50 cyberwhistle and $150 belt buckle, which can’t cost more than a few dollars to make. Some see Tesla taking advantage of its superfans to sell them some overpriced trinkets.

Later, Tesla only accepted Dogecoin to purchase these products on its website.

Could the Tesla Cyberbackpack be the next product on this list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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