Sophia Yeshi and Monsieur Blanc join Outside Voice

Sophia Yeshi is an illustrator and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY. The kaleidoscopic depictions of diversity and activism in Yeshi’s work are influenced by her Black and South Asian backgrounds and the LGBTQ+ community. Striving to harmonize and celebrate, Yeshi’s designs adorn everything from branded materials and digital content to product packaging and shipping boxes Be unstoppablea prominent UPS campaign.

In her playlist, Yeshi urges allies of BIPOC people to make room for diversity, but also outside voices to “find out what makes (them) special” so they can move forward with that in their work. “There are so many interesting and unique voices in the world,” she says. “If more people got involved in their work, they would be much more successful.”

André White aka Monsieur Blanc is a fashion designer and multi-hyphenated creator. He steers Le Grand heirs, a brand he built as a progressive fusion of fashion, art, film, philosophy and philanthropy. Most recently, White founded the CALM Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides mindfulness techniques and spiritual nourishment to youth in underserved neighborhoods across the country.

In his playlist, White describes how his refusal to be marginalized and resistance to definition is a powerful type of inner realignment that keeps him from engaging with the negative. “There’s a saying that when you worry, you reversely use your imagination to create the things in your life that you don’t want … I’d rather use my imagination to manifest the things that I do.” do want. To hope, to dream, to breathe… and to offer all those things to other people who might not have the tools or know-how.”

We hope Yeshi and White’s stories inspire you to speak out whenever you can and create a better way forward for underrepresented communities, no matter what creative field you are in. Stay tuned for more playlists from more notable creators in the new season of The Outside Voice.

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