Snapchat introduces “Dress Up” AR feature to let users try on clothes

During Partner Summit 2022, Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) announced it is expanding its AR testing to help users enhance their shopping experience. The company is adding a new feature called “Dress Up,” which will allow users to try on clothes from their favorite brands through the AR tools in the app.


As reported by The Verge, Snapchat launched a new tool called Shoppable AR back in 2018 to offer advertisers a simpler alternative to selling products through Shoppable lenses. This allowed brands to add buy buttons and guidelines to install ads directly onto a lens.

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Since 2020, Snapchat users have been able to try on clothing, make-up and accessories with AR lenses from Balenciaga or Gucci. To date, more than 250 million people are known to have used this lens type more than 5 billion times within the platform.

Notably, now with the inclusion of Dress Up, it’s no longer necessary to go to the lens inbox or branded lens sites to access individual lenses.

Users just have to slide their finger over any of the brands added in “Dress Up” to access their product catalogs, advice, brand ideas, etc.

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To use Snapchat’s new “Dress Up” feature with AR lenses, users must open the lens camera and click the “Explore” menu. Then they can select the “Dress Up” option at the top left of the page.

This action takes them to the different lens options that brands have, and from there people can try on clothing or accessories from the creators of their choice. They even take photos to share with your contacts and get their opinion to decide whether or not to buy an item.

Carolina Navas, Head of AR Strategy and Product Marketing at Snap, said in an interview, “It’s not just a product feed shopping tab. Now there’s a really core utilitarian use case that we’re also focusing on.”

“A lot of people think the shopping funnel ends with purchase, but that’s the beginning of the customer experience for a brand or retailer selling a product,” she added.

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