Simone Ashley is Bridgerton’s newest style star

Focusing on the emotions fashion can evoke rather than keeping up with trends has allowed Ashley to experiment. This skill came in handy when the fashion months began. “We were in the middle of filming for Bridgerton When I went to my first show, I felt used to the madness of Fashion Week, ”says Ashley. “Going to Milan for Prada was a great experience and I loved my outfit for the show; a sparkling black mini skirt, a crop top and combat boots. I didn’t grow up in a house where we wore designer clothes or went shopping in luxury fashion stores, so I enjoyed trying things that I wouldn’t have considered or never thought possible. “

The atmosphere in the front rows was just as exciting, especially at the global Prada show, where the collections of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons debuted in Milan and Shanghai at the same time. “It was fascinating to see how fashion and technology can bring us together as a community,” says Ashley. “It’s a wonder we’re still getting together and celebrating fashion amid a pandemic.” Chanel’s’ 90s-inspired runway show this season featured exquisite clothes and a few killer tracks. “I am huge music [fan], so I absolutely loved the soundtrack, “says Ashley. “There was a lot of George Michael, and [watching] was a liberating experience. The models were encouraged to strut down the catwalk and perform, pose and smile and just be themselves. “

Ashley at Chanel SS22

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Ashley at Prada SS22

Pietro S. D’Aprano

Some of the gems Ashley saw on the catwalk have found their way into her closet. The looks she and Corbin-Murray have chosen for some of their latest events are more Parisian chic than Cali cool. Take the made-to-measure top and skirt from AZ Factory that she wore to the Fashion Awards in London, an elegant combination that took the star out of her comfort zone. “This was the first time I attended the ceremony and the first time I had a bespoke look for myself,” says Ashley. “Norman [René Devera, AZ Factory design director] came from Paris for my fitting and it was just wonderful to work with him. “

Armed with a select set of references, Ashley had a certain mood in mind. “We wanted something that had an almost fluid texture when the light hits it to create that mermaid vibe,” she says. “During our conversations, many of the references we used were Cher looks [when she had] the super long hair. One in particular was a dress with a consistently asymmetrical cut that wrapped itself around her upper body almost like a sari. ”Worn with flowing curls by hairstylist Peter Lux and a bronzed beauty look by Alex Babsky, the last piece perfectly captures this spirit, his Cropped silhouette and its minimalist design a breath of fresh air on a red carpet full of glitter and prints.

Ashley at AZ Factory at the British Fashion Awards

Photo: Masha Mel

Outside of duty, Ashley keeps things pretty simple, but she’s serious about her shoes. “I have so many boots that it’s kind of an obsession,” she says. “Doc Martens, Prada, Paris Texas – they make me feel like I can do anything. I love sneakers and flip flops for comfort, but boots give me that boost. I walk into the room and feel proud and strong when I have them on. “

And although she is still at the beginning of her fashion journey, Ashley understands exactly what power clothing can have. “The moment you put a corset on on set, it changes your posture,” she says. “You begin to understand how it shaped the behavior and lifestyle of women in the 18th century, and you start to think differently.” Of course, the effect of the style is not limited to clothing from that period. “We don’t always articulate how wearing a particular nail color or accessory makes us feel like it can change the way you wear yourself,” says Ashley. “My friends and I always say that if you put on a little lip gloss and a couple of tires, you are a different person; Suddenly you have the feeling that you can get away with something. “

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