Review: Stanley Carroll’s Flight his last collection to land on a catwalk

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After more than three decades as Edmonton’s leading fashion designer, Stanely Carroll released his swan song “Flight” and “April 29.”

The inspiration for the Spring 2022 collection was twofold: acknowledging the plight of refugees and the fact that clothing plays a crucial role in their efforts to reach safe haven, and recognizing young people coming of age during a pandemic and finally being one Enjoying liberation from freedom the world opens up again.

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The show was presented in two parts to a full house in the upper chamber of Acacia Masonic Hall with blue velvet thrones at either end.

The first installation looked like a crazy musical chair game performed by mimes, 14 models armed with black props, choreographed by Sarah CR Makins of Fame Dance Studios. Frizzy hair and athleisure pieces with fine art prints marched and twirled in all directions.

The main event on the catwalk began with Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) from Fred Again and The Blessed Madonna, and Boyd Whiskeyjack led a fabulously diverse crew of 22 models of all shapes, sizes and genders, including an expectant mother.

Carroll’s signature style has always featured edgy angles and unusual fabrics, many bolder and brighter than previous collections. Beautifully patterned and perfectly dyed shirts, formal shorts and cargo pants with fun pockets for everyday wear, while recycled silks, full-length black lace and exotic shimmers from vintage fabrics offered a dose of haute couture. After the last model left the stage, Carroll received a standing ovation from a full house

Kelly Rosborough from House of Bokeh provided photos in the gallery.

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