Project Runway Season 19 Winners Predictions: All Designer Rankings


Who will win Season 19 of Project Runway? The competition is currently airing and every week our readers here in our prediction center make their predictions about who will win this season’s grand prize, who goes home each week, who will win the design challenges, and more. And of course, with the designs and results of each week, our chances change as the dynamics between the participants change. Check out our latest Project Runway Winner Predictions below.

UPDATED: October 28, 2021 (week 3)


1. Octavio Aguilar – 9/2 odds
Same position as last week


2. Bones Jones – 9/2 odds
One more place than last week

3. Aaron Michael Steach – 5/1 odds
One place less than last week

4. Anna Zhou – 5/1 odds
Three places more than last week

5. Coral Castillo – odds 13/2
Same position as last week


6. Kristina Kharlashkina – odds 18/1
Seven places more than last week

7. Zayden Skipper – odds 22/1
Five places more than last week

8. Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste – odds 28/1
Seven places more than last week

9th chastity series – 56/1
One more place than last week

10. Sabrina Spanta – odds 87/1
Two places less than last week


11. Katie Kortman – 100/1 opportunities
Same position as last week

12. Kenneth Barlis – odds 100/1
Eight places less than last week

13. Darren Apolonio – odds 100/1
One more place than last week

14. Shantall Lacayo – odds 100/1
Five places less than last week

“Project Runway” season 19 kicked off on Thursday October 14th with 16 designers representing a variety of styles, nationalities and backgrounds. They contain Octavio Aguilar, Darren Apolonio, Kenneth Barlis, Caycee black, Coral Castillo, Meg Ferguson, Prajje Oscar Jean-Baptiste, Bone jones, Kristina Kharlashkina, Katie Kortman, Shantall Lacayo, Chastity series, Zayden skipper, Sabrina Spanta, Anthony Michael Steach, and Anna Zhou.

“Runway” has been a reality TV institution for almost two decades. It started on Bravo before moving to Lifetime. Fallout from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal (his company had produced the series) led the show to return to Bravo despite longtime hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn decided to move on to another fashion series, “Making the Cut”. Since season 17, the show has been rated by “Runway” Nina Garcia, Fashion designer Brandon Maxwelland former Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Welteroth, with the master of the fourth season Christian Siriano act as a mentor to the designers. Do you agree with our current odds? Are we completely wrong? Place your bets here every week.

Make sure you make your predictions so contestants can see how they’ll fare on our track quotas. You can change your predictions until every Thursday, the day it airs. You’re competing for a spot on our leaderboard and perpetual show-off rights. Check out our competition rules and listen to fellow fans on our reality TV forum. Read more entertainment news about Gold Derby.

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