Pre-Launch Fête celebrates the upcoming debut of CasaWire and the expansion of The Wires’ digital marketplace app portfolio

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE). FlashWire and GlossWire CEO and Founder Kimberly Carney expands Wire Holdings, Inc.’s portfolio with the debut of CasaWire, an innovative marketplace that will unleash new inspiration for home, design and decor, and is hosting the celebration in Los Angeles, a city that has since long dominated the interior design industry. The addition of CasaWire to Wire Holdings’ portfolio of apps is the next natural expansion. Carney’s award-winning and revolutionary B2B2C platforms FashWire and GlossWire already connect hundreds of global fashion and beauty brands to thousands of global consumers.

“By leveraging the latest technology, CasaWire gives us the opportunity to revolutionize the home and décor industry in the same way we did for emerging and established fashion and beauty brands with FashWire and GlossWire,” said Kimberly Carney, Founder and CEO of Wire Holdings, Inc. “The value proposition of this emerging industry is threefold; For home decor brands, CasaWire will grow its audience of educated, passionate, and knowledgeable buyers, for interior designers, the marketplace will bring new customers who appreciate design and quality products, and for consumers, CasaWire will scour the world to find brands that are beautiful, sustainable, high quality and tailored to their design preferences.”

Alongside Carney, visionary technology and celebrity Wire Holdings advisory board members, including Amanza Smith of Netflix’ Selling Sunset, will preview the highly curated market with first-to-market features like Shop the Room, which brings together interior designers and brands to to reach their customers with their products in the context of a designed space.

“As a luxury real estate agent with an interior design background, I see a market need for the CasaWire platform,” said Amanza Smith, Advisory Board member for Wire Holdings, Inc., designer and Netflix cast member of Selling Sunset. “Consumers are looking for a seamless, real-time experience to discover home and decor finds that complement their space, while also fantasizing about the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s leading designers to personalize their home,” continued Smith . “Shop The Room offers consumers a 360-degree opportunity to discover the best pieces to decorate their home through the lens of interior design giants like Jonathan Adler.”

Innovation is a core component of every platform in Wire Holdings’ portfolio. “Wire Holdings, Inc. is driven by the belief that our platforms use personalization through the use of the best technology and data to connect consumers directly with the best brands they want around the world,” said Carney. “Our goal with CasaWire and all of our web and mobile-based platforms is to create unparalleled immersive experiences,” continued Carney.

“Our AI and AR strategy is focused on leveraging machine learning to better process, analyze and interpret our data – leading to overall improvements in our user experiences and game-changing changes in fashion, beauty and home decor,” said Hooman Hamzeh, Wire Holdings. Inc. Development Partner, Advisory Board Member and CEO of DevelopingNow. “Leveraging the deep data-driven knowledge already built on the FashWire and GlossWire platforms will give the new CasaWire vertical an immediate boost for its launch in 2023.”

“As we explore the possibilities offered by using these AI and AR solutions in fashion, we will be able to explore the endless possibilities for our portfolio of global fashion designers. We are beginning to envision virtual runway shows, fitting tools and enhanced personalized shopping experiences that offer both our brands and consumers a way to connect on our platforms,” said FashWire Head of Brand Strategy, Sebrie Springs. “With the use of technology and our global portfolio of emerging and established fashion brands from around the world, FashWire fosters partnerships between brands and consumers. I can also see how closely CasaWire will create a connection between the two.”

“FashWire and GlossWire have always been at the forefront of empowering consumers to unlock and discover the best of fashion and beauty with interactive, engaging and innovative experiences. With the launch of GlossWire during the pandemic, we were solution-focused from the start, understanding that the marketplace’s primary purpose of directly connecting the end-user to a world-class portfolio of beauty brands was an immediate demand that needed to be met globally,” explained GlossWire Head of Brand Strategy, Samantha Yanks. “Seeing firsthand the product discovery and exposure GlossWire brings to our consumer community, both for our established and emerging brands, and seeing GlossWire growing so rapidly and consistently ranking in the top charts on the App Store, confirms that there was a demand that needed to be met in the beauty and grooming field. CasaWire will undoubtedly do the same for the home and decoration industry.”

With an already established pre-launch base of brands and relationships with interior designers, CasaWire is poised to connect consumers with the value of both. For emerging emerging brands, CasaWire acts as an incubator, supporting them with a world-class direct-to-consumer product platform, a position many don’t have access to. For established brands, CasaWire is a solution to expand their customer base and engagement.

About Wire Holdings, Inc.

Wire Holdings has two high growth B2B2C platforms: FashWire and GlossWire. The company is redefining the way fashion and beauty brands interact with consumers by offering a truly frictionless interactive experience to its customers through real-time digital engagement. Both platforms are two-way marketplaces with a mission to reshape the fashion and beauty industry, leveraging technology to empower consumers to discover and shop from global fashion and beauty brands, while providing vital, real-time feedback to our brands. Through its market-leading apps and web-based platforms, FashWire and GlossWire customers can shop a curated selection of over 50,000 products from more than 600 emerging and established brands worldwide. In Q2 2023, the company will launch CasaWire with the same compelling platform serving the $700 billion global home and decoration market, with a backdoor B2B complement between manufacturers, interior designers and brands. CasaWire has already secured more than 100 home and decoration brands for its platform. The company is backed by a number of private all-star angel investors in the beauty, fashion, retail and technology sectors. To learn more about FashWire, visit or download the app app store. To learn more about GlossWire, visit www.glosswire.comor download the app app store.

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