Pareto perfects the 20% of the clothes women actually wear

Corresponding Pareto, women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. This means that much of what is bought is not worn – which contributes to the huge amount of waste in the fashion industry. The company is aptly named after the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of the consequences result from 20% of the actions. By being extremely vigilant in designing quality pieces that fall within this core 20% zone, Pareto hopes to create timeless essentials that last for decades and reduce fashion waste.

To find out what women actually wear, Pareto examined the wardrobe choices of hundreds of women. They found that most women felt overwhelmed by the choices in their closets and struggled to figure out what to wear each day despite having so many choices. Olivia Bordson, co-founder of Pareto, said, “We own so much and yet carry so little of what we own. When assembling our closets, we’re forced to sift through hundreds of brands and styles, which often leaves us with pieces that don’t fit well, don’t last long, are based on a fleeting trend, or we don’t know how to style . So many women have told us, ‘I wake up in the morning and I stare at my stuffed closet, but I still feel like I have nothing to wear.’”

Through this research, Pareto also discovered that what most women wear on a daily basis is actually quite similar. Bordson explained, “There’s a certain set of core pieces that many women reach for day after day, year after year, regardless of the season’s trends. For example, a well-fitting white t-shirt, a classic denim jacket, a t-shirt dress for everyday wear. Despite this pattern, finding the best version of each of these core pieces takes a great deal of time, energy, and money.” Thus Pareto was born. The company is expanding its offering piece by piece, always keeping the original items in stock so women can return and reorder pieces as needed. By perfecting women’s wardrobe staples, Pareto hopes to be a brand that consumers can rely on for decades to come.

While refining women’s wardrobe staples is sustainable in itself, the company is also dedicated to “farm-to-closet” manufacturing, where every step of the production process is 100% traceable – a revolutionary act considering that most sustainability models only provide transparency final production step when the garments are cut and sewn. In reality, there are more ways to incorporate sustainability into the earlier steps of manufacturing – from farming to spinning, knitting, weaving and dyeing the fabrics. Pareto ensures that the production of its garments is truly sustainable at every step by working directly with suppliers. And every part of Pareto’s production process takes place ethically in the United States.

Bordson shared, “We believe that a fully traceable farm-to-closet supply chain is the only way to produce a product of the highest quality (and a product that is environmentally and socially responsible). For example, at the cotton farm we source long-staple cotton fibers to ensure soft fabrics, and at the dyehouse we work to ensure high color fastness so your product looks just as good after 50 washes as it did out of the bag.” She added: “We have seen the power of traceability in the food industry as it moves from farm to fork. We are now at the forefront of this apparel movement.”

While Pareto plans to eventually expand its offering to menswear and children’s clothing, the company is intentionally taking things slowly, using customer feedback to perfect each offering. Rather than pumping big lines, Pareto focuses on getting each part right before moving on to the next. Given that the items will be available from the company for years to come, this seems like a smart move.

To date, the brand has launched five expertly crafted pieces: a T-shirt dressa Crew neck sweatera muscle shirta field jacketand sweatpants. With many more products to come, this limited-release model is perfect for those looking to up the pace in building a quality, sustainable wardrobe. And the pieces go well with pretty much everything – making them great staples for developing a capsule wardrobe that can be worn multiple ways. For those looking for truly sustainable and ethically sourced clothing, Pareto is the place to be.

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