Now you can wear music with Nahmias, Boi-1da and Bacardi

On Thursday, June 23, a new breed of collection made its global catwalk debut at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The runway-ready looks followed a strict “codes out, phones out” policy that gave contestants the chance to scan the tech-slick getups to add their own personal soundtrack to the show.

With this new drop, Bacardí Rum continues his Music liberates music Programming initiative championing underrepresented voices in the music industry by hiring high-end streetwear brand Nahmias and Grammy-winning producer (and longtime collaborator) Boi-1da for creation The Portable Album. Each garment and accessory in the new capsule collection carries a QR code embedded into the clothing designs, connecting cellphone-wielding fashionistas to an album of emerging global music talent when they take a picture. In a world where a new song is being dropped on a streaming platform every second, this offers aspiring music artists an innovative way to drop and spread their music.


A playful take on hip-hop and R&B, the Spotify playlist adds elements like chill beats, jazz and electronica to evoke chilled vibes. Even better, the more stylish fan sport The Portable Albumthe more support emerging artists receive.

“This next class of music liberates music Artists have raw talent and passion, which I’ve seen firsthand when I’ve helped them produce new tracks exclusively for the Nahmias drop. As someone who has been in the music business for a long time, I look forward to them not only growing as artists but also getting the attention they deserve,” Grammy-winning producer Boi-1da said in a press release.

The program’s participating global artists include Chicago-based Ric Wilson, who offers a funk and disco-infused rendition of rap, roaring with robust percussion and lively vocals. London native and master of musical fusion, BenjiFlow rhythmically blends R&B and West African-tinged pop with Brazilian samba and Afro-Cuban influences. Berlin-based singer-songwriter-composer K.ZIA delivers a fusion of soul, afro-urban R&B riffs with harmonic vocals that transport listeners into her sonic universe.

Boi-1da and Doni Nahmias celebrate NAHMIAS SS23 PMFW Show with Bacardi Rum

Clothing buyers will not only support up-and-coming artists, but will also recoup their investment in the form of loot. As an added incentive to promote the collection and its up-and-coming artists, fans will receive live music rewards whenever someone scans hats, t-shirts, hoodies or jackets and listens to the up-and-coming artists. Founder and fashion designer Doni Nahmias didn’t have to look far for inspiration.

“As a climber in my own industry, I was thrilled to be a part of the latest iteration of Music liberates music and had a blast combining my signature aesthetic with Bacardí’s tropical vibes to bring this collection and QR tech component to life,” he said.

The four-piece, gender-neutral capsule features a signature Nahmias fit with a Bacardí-inspired Caribbean vibe. The brand logo boldly proclaims “Support Artists” in block letters. Sweatshirts and t-shirts put designer artistry in the spotlight.

Bacardí claims that this fourth version of Music liberates music is revolutionizing how people discover and stream new music, piece by piece. Sign up and pre-order to snap The Portable Album goods before they are gone.

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