My new hobby for racing cars without racing cars: making vintage clothing


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I got poetic about my love for everything from the 1970s and 80s when it comes to racing, and part of that love has to do with the incredible fashion that was popping up on the racetrack at a time when style was important but also comfort. And that’s what led me to find my newest hobby outside of racing: making vintage clothing.

All of this is due to a tweet my good friend Matt posted. In it, an advertising girl stands next to a NASCAR driver wearing a Winston-themed romper and a 10,000-gallon hat. I figured I need this in my life. I got the Winston patches on eBay. I got a romper for Shein. I wanted this bad boy to be ready for the six-hour race at Watkins Glen. I told myself to let a professional take care of all the sewing because I’m a mess.

But being a mess, I waited until we were supposed to leave for Glen before even reminding myself that I had this plan that I was bound to and determined to stick to. So I grabbed my patches and rompers and asked my mom to teach me how to sew in a way that is more than just “making a big mess of threads to reattach that strap to a dress” .

I was really surprised how much I loved sewing the patches. It was a disaster, yes. I definitely could have done a better job. But it was really nice to see how a good vintage look came to fruition. And I’m already sitting here planning my next step because I’ve collected patches to recreate a Tyrrell F1 jacket Years.

So my question to all of you is: Would my progressive redesign of the look of vintage racing cars be something you’d like to see documented here? Would you be interested in a series about people who have hobbies outside of racing in order to cultivate their hobbies – like people making dioramas or recreating old photos or videos? I love highlighting the cool and unique way people express their interest in something, but I want to make sure it makes the most of my and your time!

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