Mr Porter and Throwing Fits celebrated their capsule collection on the Lower East Side

Co-hosts Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of the Throwing Fits podcast are tired after celebrating their new capsule collection with Mr. Porter at popular Lower East Side bar Ray’s.

“These are hangovers,” Schlossman described the duo’s matching blue Throwing Fits beanie and branded bright orange mesh shorts. It’s a sign of the many Ebb’s beers and gin and tonics that flowed around the corner from Rivington and Chystie the night before.

The iconic menswear show has partnered with the luxury retailer to launch the 70+ piece collection in collaboration with 13 of the industry‘s most respected and emerging brands including Beams Plus, Drake’s, Stòffa, Maiden Name, mfpen, Monitaly and Hayato Today.

“The ethos of this project is what our entire career and even our personal fandom in menswear have been working towards for over 10 years. James and I used the phrase: the culmination of our life’s work,” Schlossman said.

The capsule collection goes beyond their personal ambitions and captures the essence of the community they have created through partnerships with small and emerging brands, which in turn gives them a presence that might otherwise only have been a dream.

“These brands are included because we believe they are the future of the industry,” Schlossman said. “There is something they can do better than anyone else. At Stòffa we knew we needed one of those studio suits. When it comes to Hayato we knew we needed his gorgeous double knees Connor McKnight with the knitted rugbys he is now known for. Everyone was chosen because they are a killer and a specialist when it comes to certain things.”

“Because of the cash injection that Mr. Porter gave them by attending or buying the product by placing an order, they were able to speed up their business [Maiden Name] jewelry program,” Harris added. “Hayato Today it’s a one-man business. Tory Van Thompson hurrying from his own apartment/studio. He now sits next to Tom Ford on Mr. Porter.”

The fashion-obsessed decades-long friends are still pinching each other. When she first quit her day jobs in fashion media in 2016, working with a global luxury e-commerce retailer wasn’t on her radar. “Damn no,” Schlossman said. “We didn’t think we were recording weekly, let alone breaking the timeline with these kinds of industry moments. This is how it felt at the party last night, check out the VIP guest list of Nick Wooster and Aaron Levine, Josh Paskowitz, the designers from many of our favorite brands and then all the fans. I think if you had told me this was going to happen, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.”

Her twice-weekly hour-long episodes have touched a large crowd of young men interested in clothing. “And a few girls,” Schlossman added. “And they love clothes and they support us and they’re respectful and wonderful people and they also know how to have a friggin’ good time. I tell you so much.”

The spectacle itself took up much of the block. “We said we need three things,” Harris said of her intrigues with Mr. Porter. “We need a lot of people to show up, an open bar and Shy’s Burgers and Fries, and we have all three.”

Attendees already mentioned included collaborators Connor McKnight, Hayato Arai, Maiden Name’s David Lê, Stòffa’s Agyesh Madan and Tory Van Thompson. Also spotted on Chrystie Street were former guests Sean Evans, 3Sixteen’s Andrew Chen, Josh Peskowitz, Mordechai Rubinstein, Jon Caramanica and Nolita Dirtbag.

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