Meet the only female rapper at the Batalla World Final 2021

The Spanish speaking rap scene has a new goddess! Born in 1998 in Cali, Colombia, Marithea (aka Maribel Camilo and Thea, goddess in Greek), grew up knowing that she always wanted to be part of the music industry, even though she only had two options to become a salsa singer or rapper.

“Cali is the capital of salsa and has won multiple salsa competitions around the world, but what makes southern Cali special is that those who are not salsa singers are rappers,” explained the artists HI! United States of America. “I’m not completely immersed in the genre; That’s why I chose rap. I was in the best neighborhood to start my rapper career. “

© Red Bull Batalla

Marithea started improvising when she was only 14 years old and five years later, in 2019, she became the first woman and Afro-Colombian to win a Red Bull Regional, in addition to finishing third in that year’s final and taking second place in the Crossroads of Champions. Today Marithea will represent her country in the Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021 as the first national champion in the Colombian national final.

Her strategy is always simple and takes complete control of the fight, anticipating a reaction and having a knack for it, without neglecting coherence and content. Her style is spontaneous, puristic, intelligent and energetic, always with a firm punch and masters attack and defense. “I’m very calm,” she describes herself. “Maybe the other rappers think differently. But I’m super relaxed. “

The Colombian Marithea is the only female rapper to fight for the crown at the Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021© Red Bull Batalla

Although she is now one of the greats internationally, she started out as a fan and watched videos on YouTube. And thanks to the support of her mother, Marithea was able to become one of these artists. “My mother accompanied me to my first rap battle,” she revealed. “I won that day and my mother said, ‘Wow, Maribel, I didn’t know you were so talented.’ So she started to support me more. Actually, I’m here because of her. ”

The native Californian is also part of the Tricolor team (Colombia + Venezuela). She continues her music studies and continues to compose new songs.

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