Meet Insider’s 2022 Rising Stars of Equity Research

  • Meet Insiders emerging talent in the world of stock research.
  • We selected 16 analysts (35 and under) covering a variety of sectors from cannabis to clean energy.
  • The group hails from top Wall Street companies such as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

“Pick your spots and wear a helmet,” Bernstein analysts led by Nikhil Devnani said in a report to clients in late May, beginning coverage of emerging U.S. internet companies — a slew of stocks including DoorDash, Zillow and Etsy , which crashed this year .

The 111-page report captured a high-stakes market theme. So-called growth stocks like these, once the market’s high-flying winners, are struggling as investors look for profitable, stable names while analysts see the risk of a deepening US recession.

“The market is examining whether these are initially viable economic models. We believe the companies we cover do,” but their finances are being muddled by spending on growth initiatives, the analysts wrote. “The burden of proof is now on them,” they added.

The analysis also marked a debut of sorts for Devnani, 28, for the first time in the analyst seat after rising through the ranks at Bernstein since 2016. Devnani is one of Wall Street’s emerging equity analysts for Insider 2022, a selection of rising stars chosen at a time when a tumultuous market — in fact, the worst first half of the year since 1970 — has shattered expectations puts equity analysts to the test.

Insider’s annual list this year includes one analyst who wanted to be a physicist but discovered a passion for investment research, one who has followed burgeoning brokerage firm Robinhood since it went public, one analyst who covered cannabis early on, and another whose passion for tracking food and drink supplies has its roots in cooking with his mother as a child.

To qualify for the list, analysts had to be 35 or younger, reside in the US, work in sell-side equity research at a Wall Street firm, and differentiate their work from their peers. Insider editors selected the finalists from nominations submitted by peers, bosses, and investors. Reporters questioned each analyst about his career and the sectors he covered.

Here’s the insider’s list of Wall Street’s rising stars of stock research:

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