McMurray Stern’s surge solution for Christmas shopping


Online shopping has become the number one shopping option for consumers. As the holiday season approaches, the rush can easily overwhelm businesses. But with the right organization in the warehouse, a surge in orders is not a problem.

McMurray Stern specializes in developing industrial automation solutions for a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, food, museums and many more. With Stern’s advanced technology, you can prepare your company for the busiest time of the year.

In order to keep up with large corporations like Amazon in the race for next-day delivery, everything starts with an efficient picking system that enables packaged orders to be dispatched immediately.

“Automation solutions for retail and wholesale grow with your company, create more cost-effective processes that use less staff and maximize order processing for a higher ROI,” explains Stern’s website.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, online shopping sales have increased dramatically. In-store shopping has lost its popularity and national spending on Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday has increased. In fact, people almost spent $ 2 billion more on Cyber ​​Monday than Black Friday, a total of $ 10.7 billion on both days.

It’s no secret that online shopping offers ease and convenience, an ease that is badly needed during the holiday season, and shoppers have noticed it. Shoppers have grown used to primarily shopping online for all of their needs – clothing, groceries, etc. – but a perfectly organized system in the warehouse is essential to keep up with orders and high demands.

McMurray Stern is proficient in organizing a wide variety of industries to maximize space and save time. Stern offers automated food distribution and storage solutions that provide simplicity, inventory control and same day delivery options without affecting inventory.

In addition, Stern’s innovative solutions help companies keep pace with the ever-growing clothing industry. Overhead conveyor technology with RFID-enabled carriers and driverless transport vehicles are just some of the solutions that Stern offers clothing companies to handle large order volumes – especially during the holiday season.

McMurray Stern also works with a variety of logistics companies that specialize in certain functions. The intelligent software is able to determine the more efficient routes or the order picking and transport. The WAMAS® logistics software is “able to manage more than 12,000 storage locations in order to make optimal use of the storage space.”

Even after the holidays, companies are still overloaded with orders. What was intended as a Christmas present is given back, comes back almost all at once; Whether the consumer did not like the product, it did not fit or wants an exchange, returns can still overwhelm the warehouse.

McMurray Stern offers a variety of solutions for the steadfast surge in Christmas shopping, from micro-fulfillment to static storage solutions to automated retrieval methods.

“Our fully integrated design-build process ensures that projects are professionally managed from concept to execution, so you have an improved workflow and can manage your time, space, materials and information more efficiently,” assures Stern’s website.

With the right organization and efficiency in the warehouses, the Christmas shopping spurt will not prove to be a problem for buyers and fulfillment centers alike. McMurray Stern offers all the solutions a warehouse can look for to ensure that their orders are fulfilled and shipped accurately and promptly.

Whether you need to transport small containers or organize goods on hangers, McMurray Stern has so much to offer. Their advanced technology not only helps tidy up the warehouse, it also increases shipping speed. Plan, adjust, monitor and control the efficiency of your business during the busiest time of the year.


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