Khloe Kardashian shows off a $ 3,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress for daughter True, Jan.

KHLOE Kardashian showed off a glamorous $ 3,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress for her three-year-old daughter True to wear to the Kardashian Christmas parties.

Khloe shared the glitzy pre-party dress hours after the invitation from True’s father Tristan Thompson was questioned.


Khloe Kardashian showed off her daughter True’s dress for her Christmas partyPhoto credit: Instagram / @Khloekardashian
Khloe selected a $ 3,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress for the 3-year-old


Khloe selected a $ 3,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress for the 3-year-oldPhoto credit: Instagram

Khloe, 37, took to Instagram to show off the silver and gold sequin dress.

The expensive designer children’s dress had a charming cap-sleeve cut and a wide skirt.

She gave the article a title: “The chicest dress for Miss True”, which marks the Dolce & Gabbana label.

Khloe shares True with her ex Tristan, the 30-year-old NBA player who had a baby mom drama of her own.

Tristan’s recent love scandal with Maralee Nichols took a turn when she announced she had herpes.

Khloe continued to put on a brave face, especially for her daughter True.

Khloe “received” Tristan from her mother Kris Jenner’s Christmas party, but later “changed her mind” for True.


The couple’s relationship has been strained since he admitted to having an affair with Texas-based personal trainer Maralee – who claimed to have had Tristan’s baby this month.

While 37-year-old Khloe dealt with her baby daddy’s latest cheating scandal, a source close to the famous family told The Sun that the holidays have “made things harder”.

The insider said, “At first she excluded Tristan from her family’s Christmas party, but that was short-lived as she sets a good example for True.

“So he’s invited, but I don’t think she really wants him, so I’m not sure he’ll be sure.

“Kris isn’t happy with him either, they’re all angry so it might be an uncomfortable holiday for them, but at the end of the day he’s family and they stick with their people.”

Momager Kris Jenner, 66, has become known for throwing extravagant parties for her family and friends on Christmas Eve that are said to cost over $ 500,000 a year to make.

This is the first holiday since a woman named Maralee publicly claimed that Tristan was the father of her child.


According to the source, the founder of Good American has had a “particularly difficult” time with Tristan’s new fraud scandal since her public appearance at the People’s Choice Awards on December 7th.

The show took place just days after news broke that Maralee had filed court documents alleging she became pregnant through an affair with the basketball player.

The source revealed, “All that Tristan stuff happened right before that night and I think she was in shock for a few days and it really hit her to go out for the first time which this awards show was about.

“She was so embarrassed because every single person asked her about it. Not just fans, but other celebrities and people in the industry she knew.

“She kept hearing ‘I’m so sorry he did this to you again’ and ‘You are way too good for him, you have to leave him’ all night and even though people had good intentions, it really, really was her awkward.”

The insider claimed that, as she claimed when she got home, the mother of one “put on a brave face that night,” but she was an “emotional wreck”.


Khloe showed off her long blonde hair and light eyes when she talked about dealing with “constant stress and anxiety” in a Nurtec commercial on Instagram.

Khloe wore a bare body and jeans in the clip and told fans how much she relies on the migraine medication.

“It feels so good to know that I won’t have constant stress and worry, like I’m getting crazy migraines,” said the reality star.

“I don’t have to worry about Nurtec.

“It’s such a stress reliever and I feel so comfortable knowing that I have Nurtec with me almost all the time.”

Khloe posted the short clip on Instagram on Monday and added the caption: “Not having this constant fear of a migraine attack is such a relief!

“Especially with the upcoming holidays !!”

Khloe’s post comes just days after Tristan alleged that his suspected third baby mum’s “medical reason” for naming induced labor earlier this month was due to a sexually transmitted disease.

The LA-based personal trainer, who gave birth to a son on Dec. 1, rejected his allegations that she had herpes.


But The Sun exclusively revealed that Khloe is “disturbed”, that Tristan “would endanger her health”.

The insider said: “Most of all, Khloe is most concerned that Tristan says he doesn’t know the other woman well but knew her well enough to be unprotected with her.

“When the reality of what was happening dawned on her, it shook her the most because it could potentially have endangered her health.

“Fortunately, Khloe and Tristan are both healthy, but his constant exit has made her realize how risky it is to be with him when they reunite.

“There is no turning back. She was deceived for the last time and won’t let anyone endanger her health or happiness.”

The source added that Khloe is “angry” but doesn’t let emotions stop her from raising her three-year-old daughter, True, with Tristan, who is still her primary focus.

True's father Tristan Thompson's invitation was both withdrawn and reinstated


True’s father Tristan Thompson’s invitation was both withdrawn and reinstatedSource: Social Media – See Source
Despite Tristan's new love child scandal, Khloe continues to make a brave face for True


Despite Tristan’s new love child scandal, Khloe continues to make a brave face for TruePhoto credit: Instagram @khloekardashian
Tristan's alleged new baby mom, Maralee Nichols, accused him of giving her herpes


Tristan’s alleged new baby mom, Maralee Nichols, accused him of giving her herpesCredit: The Mega Agency
Khloe Kardashian makes a brave face in migraine commercials when ex-Tristan Thompson claims baby mom Maralee Nichols has herpes

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