Joe Mimran brings good taste to children’s clothing with Rise Little Earthling


Joe Mimran, Canada’s shining beacon of good taste, has launched a brand new fashion label. This time he equips customers from the start. Newborns up to six years of age, that means: Rise Little Earthling is the name of his “multidimensional” brand for toys “R” Us.

Read: It’s clothing first, layered with community and idealism, including podcasts with daily affirmations, adorable little monster characters, and a soft, gender-neutral palette that is revolutionizing the genre’s blatant base color.

“Yeah, I got pulled back in,” Mimran says over the phone from his Toronto home. “It’s hard when it runs in your blood,” he says of his career as a brand mastermind, which began in clothing production in the 1970s. Today Mimran can rest on some beautiful laurels, from founding Club Monaco in 1980 to his lifestyle spin-off Caban in 1999; to Joe Fresh Moloch; More recently, Gry Mattr followed, a lifestyle product line for the home office.

“I’ve been doing television for a while,” he says of his star appearance on Dragons’ Den. “I did private equity for a while. If there is nothing special or really valuable at this stage of my career that I can’t make a difference, I don’t have to do it, I promise you. “

In the Rise Little Earthling launch collection – divided into the categories Play, Party, Splash (swimming) and Dream (sleeping) – buyers will find many hallmarks of Mimran’s aesthetic: of course, Breton stripes and variations of polka dots (here the dots are the ) actually the “little monsters” of the brand). There’s seersucker, another popular textured pattern from Mimran, this time in swimwear for the Splash line. This collection also includes tiny representations of the little monster figures riding a surfboard.

Teeny are also the ditsy flowers, “very much influenced by the country trend, moving outdoors”, as Mimran describes it. Also, look out for mini versions of last summer’s big hit for adult girls, Napping (basically loosely striped dresses with ruffled aprons). There are some maternity items – simple, stretchy pieces for when pregnancy comes first, where function comes first (but you still want to look contracted). Next up are some living and lifestyle articles for the children’s room.

The RLE brand itself is ambitious, says Vic Bertrand, CEO of Toys “R” Us, who reached out to Mimran to redesign the apparel category for the chain’s 81 stores and online platforms. “Joe got it right,” says Bertrand, adding that “a purpose-driven brand is a pretty high score compared to a consumer-centric brand.” By that, Bertrand means that the brand is trying to get stronger with parents and their children than just selling them clothes.

This desire to do good is expressed by the brand’s mascots, the cartoon characters of the “little monsters”, each representing different ambitious and inspiring aspects: the dreamer, the adventurer, the lawyer. Designed to teach children the value of self-care, they are tied to an upcoming release of Apple podcasts with daily affirmations for parents to play and recite with their children. “It was our way of bringing personality and social responsibility into the brand and mission,” says Mimran, “embedding (the monster characters) in our graphics, labels and prints. We wanted to lead with friendliness and these characters show the way. “

Rise Little Earthling is what Mimran describes as “cheap but with an indie brand feel”. Prices range from $ 4 to $ 29. Here Mimran grows over the “hand feel” of the clothes, which literally means how it feels in your hand, which is very soft and has a “peach-colored” finish. “The knit fabrics, the way they feel is breathtaking.”

As always, his enthusiasm is infectious, even uplifting. After a meeting, even a phone call, with Joe Mimran, for the first short time afterward, you ride a wave of positive attitudes, like stepping out of a ride and still feeling out of time and space. Charismatic people can do that; Mimran’s charisma carries over into making the products you want to buy.

Just as Calvin Klein represented the sophisticated New York 90s minimalism and Ralph Lauren embodied the all-American frontier preppy, Joe Mimran stands for a concept that is harder to characterize, but easy to recognize: good taste. (No wonder Lauren bought his Club Monaco concept in 1999.) Mimran often uses the phrase “level of taste” in conversations to convey the invisible line that connects all of his brands over the years. What he means is a clear design, a clear silhouette, a commitment to good fabrics and classic patterns. He has worked with many of the same design team members since the beginning of his career and brought them back with him to develop this brand.

“Design is paramount with this brand and in everything we do,” says Mimran. “Making designs that few people wear is one thing. This is accessible. It was a trademark of mine; I’ve always wanted to make very accessible design on a taste level, ”so classic and timeless. “But still hit the nerve of the moment.”

As a grandfather (he has two grandchildren, almost two and five years old, and complains that he was separated from them by the U.S. border in the pandemic), Mimran listened to what is important to today’s parents. At a time when the flood of fast fashion and the industry’s impact on the environment is everyone’s concern, Rise Little Earthling makes sure to set intentions here. The cotton comes mainly from organic farming; the swimwear is made from recycled fabric; Dyes are used minimally; Plastic hangers have been replaced by cardboard.

Mimran admits: “The industry has always had its challenges. The industry makes so many products around the world. It has always tried to be on the front lines; they want to accept it, they really do. ”He adds that the consumer drives transparency and traceability. “That is particularly important for this population group. The clothes are “made in China and India, limited to four factories, all of which meet the right standards and with which we are very satisfied”.

From the above podcasts, Mimran is quite fond of the new medium for getting a brand’s message across. Brand planning started 16 months ago and it became a perfect pandemic project for him. “Using affirmations in everyday practice can make a huge difference in a child’s life. It can change your brainwaves. ”He sees this as part of the brand’s drive to nurture great future leaders. “I grew up with my mother, who tells me every day that I was the biggest since slicing bread. I still unconsciously carry that with me today. It is important that we make these statements to our children and that they learn to say it about themselves. “

One thing is for sure, whatever she whispered in his ear, Joe Mimran’s mother raised a man with a thirst for action. Before he hangs up, he misses the fact that there might still be a new project in the pipeline. Something else has once again cast a spell on Mimran.

Joe Mimran says only something special could have pulled him back into business.



Rise Little Earthling Swimsuit, $ 16, riselittleearthling.approx

Rise Little Earthling Swimsuit, $ 16, riselittleearthling.approx

Rise Little Earthling Dress, $ 14, riselittleearthling.approx

Rise Little Earthling Dress, $ 14, riselittleearthling.approx

Rise Little Earthling Little Romper, $ 12, riselittleearthling.approx

Rise Little Earthling Little Romper, $ 12, riselittleearthling.approx

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