Jimmy Fallon signs Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion for a new song

After a year like never before in 2020 and only a slight return to normal in 2021, it’s no surprise we’re seeing it unexpected Christmas collaborations to round off the year.

This week the Tonight show host Jimmy Fallon enlisted the help of two of the music industry’s greatest artists to create the perfect song for an unprecedented holiday season. With singing by Ariana Grande and rap from Megan Thee stallion, “It Was a … (Masked Christmas)” is the hymn we didn’t know we needed.

When he premiered the song on his show, Fallon said the track took months to complete. The late night host stated that he was introduced to a few producers who helped him with the song. He later played the track to some label managers, who shook hands with him and assured him that he had a hit on his hands.That’s when he reached Ariana.

While he had doubts that he could get such a great artist on the song, Grande agreed to do it and came up with the idea of ​​knocking Megan on for the rap part.

“Basically it’s about how the last year was just hard for everyone.” Fallon explained about the song. “And you know, I just wanted to say it’s getting better. It really gets better, trust me. “

Some of the lyrics that Grande and Fallon sing together are: “It was a masked Christmas, we stayed in the house / we covered our nose and covered our mouth /But it’s Christmas time. We’ll be standing in line for a booster.”

As for Thee Stallion herself, she rocks a nurse’s uniform and injects nails twice as long for the video, raps.This Christmas realm make it count. No more quarantine on the couch. Hang up the mistletoe this year. I kiss everyone I know This year is different, you can tell. Cover these halls and ring the bells. “

“Put Purell on everything. Turkey, eggnog, candy cane “, She continues. “Hey Ho. The probability of snow is good. Hey Ho. Somebody wipes Rudolph’s nose. Hello He. I promise we’ll be fine. “

Check out the song and accompanying music video for yourself below:

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