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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – INDOCHINO, the global leader in bespoke clothing, has announced milestones the company plans to achieve in 2022. These include expanding into womenswear, displacing 100 retail locations and significantly increasing its share of the men’s wedding apparel market as the brand expects 2022 to be a year of growth and profitability.

“We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our experience and bring high quality, affordable bespoke options to a generation of men and now women. So I’m excited to see what the next year will bring, ”said Drew Green, President and CEO of INDOCHINO. “We are very proud of 2021 and there are many positive indicators that 2022 will be our biggest year yet as we drive growth in the decades to come with our expansion into womenswear, increased retail presence and our core experience. “

INDOCHINO will launch its first line of women’s clothing in 2022 and address a completely new group of customers. Organically, INDOCHINO already attracts many women who find a successful fit with its men’s cut.

“We know that a lot of women are looking for bespoke clothing that won’t cost a fortune, and there is simply no other brand of bespoke women’s clothing on the market like INDOCHINO,” continued Green. “We’ve been trying to meet this need for years but wanted to make sure the timing was right, we could do it right, and the brand was ready for the first women’s collection next year.”

To drive further growth and make its retail experience more accessible, INDOCHINO will exceed a hundred locations in 2022. The company plans to expand into new markets such as New Mexico, Kentucky and Alabama while maintaining a presence in well-known existing markets such as New York and California.

INDOCHINO currently has 79 locations across North America and offers a personalized service where clients are professionally measured and design their unique suits, shirts, casual wear and outerwear. The new stores will be located in both standalone INDOCHINO showrooms and Nordstrom stores as the brand continues to expand its partnership with the luxury department store.

INDOCHINO will focus on increasing the market share of men’s wedding apparel in 2022. This follows a sharp spike in custom wedding apparel sales in 2021, with wedding dates 79% above the company’s highest benchmark year-to-date.

In November alone, wedding dates rose 141% compared to 2019, which indicates that INDOCHINO’s wedding business will continue to expand in the new year. This correlates with reports that 2022 will be the biggest year for weddings since 1984 * and the brand is trying to capitalize on the surge with the aim of becoming widely recognized as the experts in men’s wedding attire.

To support the upcoming wedding season, INDOCHINO will present additional fabrics and product features for grooms and groomsmen. Sales of tuxedos, a mainstay of formal weddings, rose 93% in 2021 compared to 2019, and starting in 2022, customers will have the option to customize any suit fabric as a tuxedo. Customers can also expect an expanded range of the most popular ongoing fabric collections, giving wedding customers even more choices all year round.



As the world market leader for made-to-measure clothing, INDOCHINO has developed the shopping experience of the future. Born from the belief that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a bespoke wardrobe, INDOCHINO was the first to revolutionize retail by mass-producing perfectly fitting, personalized clothing.

Customers shop online or in person in the INDOCHINO showrooms and take on the role of a designer to select every detail of their garments and make them truly unique. These are made to measure and delivered to your door without any problems.


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INDOCHINO’s plans for 2022 include expanding into womenswear, displacing 100 retail locations, and significantly increasing its share of the men’s wedding apparel market.

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