I’m a fashion expert – forgetting to make an important change to new workwear can make you look less professional

A PERK of office work is that you can show off your outfit every day – but it would be a shame if unprofessional panties ruined your look.

A TikTok style expert shared some key changes you should make to new workwear to help you look more professional — including where you need to cut with scissors before wearing them.


A woman named Elizabeth Fortmyer shares three tips for looking more professional at workCredit: Tiktok/Elizabethfortmeyer

Elizabeth Fortmyer uploaded a viral TikTok video about it dress appropriately in the workplace.

The caption for her video reads “What you should know about professional attire” with hashtags about business casual and experiencing office life.

First, Elizabeth advises, look for threads that should be trimmed before wearing, like the tacking down the back of your blazer.

Stitches like these are not intended to remain on the garment and are only added to keep the fabric flat during manufacture and shipping.

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She explains: “Not everyone has blazers [stitches,] If you don’t, that’s totally fine.”

However, if you notice a stitch on the back of your blazer, she says trimming it is important.

If you see a stitch in the back of a pencil skirt, Elizabeth says you should trim that away, too.

Your second nugget of knowledge is that dress pants are intentionally designed to look long on your legs.

She says: “The expectation is that you want to wear heels with your dress pants and that you want them to cover the heel a bit. They’re extra long for that.”

Her suggestion for those not keen on long pants with heels is ankle-length dress pants instead.

The third piece of advice from Elizabeth is to make sure you get all the wrinkles out of your clothes.

According to Elizabeth, wrinkles detract from the overall aesthetics of your outfit.

Elizabeth wants her followers to know to trim their seams, try on ankle length dress pants and make sure there are no visible creases.


Elizabeth wants her followers to know to trim their seams, try on ankle length dress pants and make sure there are no visible creases.Credit: Tiktok/Elizabethfortmeyer

She says if you don’t have time to steam or iron your clothes, you can buy Downy Wrinkle Release on Amazon to solve the problem.

TikToker were grateful for the helpful advice.

“The Wrinkle Release tip will change my life,” wrote one commenter.

Another person wrote, “I didn’t know about the stitch and when it split open in my pencil skirt I thought I ripped the skirt!”

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If only this user knew how to crochet the stitch first before wearing her pencil skirt to work!

Her viral video has so far garnered over 135,100 likes from people grateful for advice on how to look more professional in the workplace.

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