How to become a fashion designer

Fashion Designer is one of the many professions in BitLife and this guide aims to help players pursue this exciting career.

When a character ages in BitLife, it is recommended that they pursue some type of career. Luckily, there is no shortage of jobs in this life sim video game, and players can focus on a variety of professions. A profession that will surely appeal to some fans is fashion designer and this guide has all the details on how to get this job BitLife.

BitLife: How to become a fashion designer

Players who want to become a fashion designer in BitLife It is recommended to start with a character that has a reasonable character high smarts stat. While this is not a strict requirement, having access to such a character will make it easier to succeed during school. This ultimately makes it easier to find the job you want and enjoy the benefits that come with it.


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When an appropriate character is created, players should strive to improve their Smarts stats in their formative years. This can be achieved by frequently Visits to the libraryand mobile video game fans should always do so “Study harder” during the school. Players should keep this up until their character graduates from high school, at which point they should enroll them in college.

To clarify, fans will find the option to apply to university in the Education section of the Profession tab. BitLife Players will be asked to select a major during this application process and it is recommended that they make a choice graphic designer. As with high Smarts status, this major is not a strict requirement to become a fashion designer, although it fits well into the profession.

After graduating from university, fans should once again turn their attention to the Profession tab. This time players will focus on that Full-time vacanciesand Jr. fashion designer is the one they are looking for. In particular, players can update the list of available jobs by closing and reopening them BitLife app, and this trick can come in handy if you don’t see a Jr. Fashion Designer position.

It should be noted that there is currently no achievement associated with becoming a fashion designer. The job pays quite well, however, and some players will just be happy to see their characters thrive in a career they’re passionate about. Fans can also change their character’s career at any time BitLife if they ever get tired of being a fashion designer and want to see what other jobs are out there for them.

BitLife is available for Android and iOS.

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