How the clothing brand Veirdo is planning the omnichannel switch


Veirdo – on dress Brand – began their journey in 2016 to establish a niche in the E-commerce Domain. As a team with many years of experience in the IT segment, the brand began with the aim of creating an unforgettable digital space that stands for fashion.

“Encouraged by positive indicators like increasing smartphone penetration and a huge virtual customer base, Veirdo was driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. Even though we were exposed to strong competition in the highly dynamic market, we were able to make a name for ourselves as one of the leading e-commerce retailers in the country in just five years and grew by leaps and bounds with around 25,000 orders per month. With bold experimentation and a keen eye for the latest in fast fashion, Veirdo has made waves with sales 25 times higher since it was founded in 2016, ”says Dhaval Ahir, co-founder of Veirdo.

The brand’s focus is on bringing the trendiest, most affordable fashion to today’s youth.

“When we started with men’s T-shirts, we could sense the fashion needs of the masses. Since all of our large teams are fully coordinated, we achieve good results in our sales and operations as we focus on high quality procurement and efficient production deadlines. For the retail market, creativity and an innate sense of fashion trends are a must to build a brand and all of our strategic decisions are made with them in mind. Reaching consumers with what they need is a huge priority. We have incorporated this corporate philosophy into our two bestselling brands, Veirdo for menswear and Juneberry for women, as we continue to expand our presence every year, ”explains Ahir.

“We are constantly expanding our offering to meet our growing customer base. We plan to enter children’s fashion by 2022. Veirdo prides itself on being a young and dynamic brand that appeals to a growing age group from 16 to 45, ”he adds.

Great online betting

Veirdo prides itself on being a very tech-savvy and youth-focused brand. Since its inception, the brand has had very good support from e-commerce and market understanding of the business. This was of great help as she was able to customize and update the digital trends on her website. His digital strategy involves working extensively with some of the best macro and micro Instagram influences in the business.

“As the leading online apparel brand, our priority is to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. We strive to develop out-of-the-box initiatives to spark our customers’ imaginations. As an e-commerce success story, we invest heavily in our social media platforms and this is reflected in our marketing strategy, which includes working with influencers who stand for youthfulness and bring freshness to our brand in the fashion and lifestyle segment build up. Veirdo has always innovated to be an agile futuristic brand and we definitely have plans to go omnichannel in the future, ”he says.

Technology: the game changer

In the past 5 years, the brand has served up to 2.5 million customers, around 60 percent of whom are regular customers who order every 2 to 3 months.

“One reason for this is the solid supply chain and the robust technological implementation, which ensures satisfied customers and on-time deliveries. As an online brand, we have a large digital footprint and state-of-the-art facilities to carry out all of our deliveries, ”says Ahir.

We use our innovative management and our lucrative offers, which have generated steady growth compared to the previous year since our break-even in 2018. With e-commerce on a growth course, we have steadily expanded from the production of 1,000 items of clothing per month until now, clocking over a lakh unit in the same time frame. We are closely following the demands of the masses and have grown 20 times since our first year, ”he adds.

By 2023, the brand aims to double its customer base and generate sales of 150 billion rupees. This should also create 700 to 800 jobs.

future plans

In 2020, despite the restrictions and restrictions of the lockdown, Veirdo had sales worth Rs 12 lakh. During that time, the brand’s sales were approximately Rs.34 billion.

“We are currently looking for a first round of external capital from strategic investors who have experience in fashion retailing. To expand Veirdo further. We are currently investing in marketing and branding, and we are also working with macro and micro influencers, ”he concludes.

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