Heywood Wakefield Commons crowns the winners of the ugly sweater competition in 2021

GARDNER – Heywood Wakefield Commons, an assisted living residence, has completed its second Virtual Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest. The competition was open to the public and even included a submission from Mayor Michael Nicholson – who won last year but was outdone by residents of the facility this year.

On Monday, December 20th, over 25 residents of Heywood Wakefield Commons gathered to vote on the winners for the three categories of the competition: the ugliest, cutest, and festive.

Ugly sweater

Jean Gray, a Heywood Wakefield Commons resident, won the ugliest sweater category with a homemade sweater that has been in her family for generations. Over the years, she said that she and other family members gave the sweater their own personal touch, making the one-of-a-kind sweater a family heirloom for generations to come. Gray won a $ 25 gift card for The Velvet Goose.

Cutest sweater

With a kind personality and an adorable sweater, Heywood Wakefield Commons resident Marie Meunier won the cutest sweater category while putting on her enchanted pink unicorn sweater. Although it was a store-bought item, Meunier’s kids didn’t disappoint when it came to their fashion sense, which resulted in their mom winning a $ 25 gift certificate for the Priscilla Candy Shop.

The most festive sweater

Heywood Wakefield Commons resident Marie Kerzwick could be seen nearly a mile away wearing her award-winning sweater, which actually glows. Aside from keeping her warm, she joked that her sweater could “brighten up” the room every time she goes somewhere. In addition to winning the Most Festive Sweater category, Kerzwick also won a $ 25 gift card for the Gardner Ale House through the use of technology in her clothing.

Kristy Livingston, director of marketing and approval at Heywood Wakefield Commons, said the event will definitely be a tradition for the facility in the years to come.

“[The residents] told me that this is a very popular event that we will be holding every year, ”she said.

According to Livingston, the whole of December was a celebration of the Christmas season. In the second week of December, Heywood Wakefield Commons held a “Grabbag” event.

“We have many items that we either buy or have donated from family members and the community. We randomly put them in gift bags and every resident who attended the event will be given a number when they walk in. The number then matches a gift bag – it’s always a surprise like something stupid like a pair of socks or even something nice like Christmas decorations and candy, ”said Livingston.

On December 21, Heywood Wakefield Commons increased the stakes by offering residents a honky-tonk piano performance as well as a performance by Santa himself.

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