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Have your mortgage loan conversion co-financed this year!

If you still have plans for refurbishment, we strongly recommend that you consider at least the renovation or renovation in 2017. You can only co-finance a house with your current mortgage loan this year.

In 2018 you must appeal to your equity

This is no longer possible from 2018. You will then have to appeal to your own savings. Or you take out a loan for that. You notice that mortgage loans and all the rules around it are getting stricter. For example, from 2018 you can no longer take out a higher mortgage loan than the purchase price of a home. Where it was previously possible to finance an extra construction such as a dormer, kitchen or extension, that is now impossible. You may wonder if there are other possibilities to add extra money in addition to your mortgage loan. For example, by taking out a personal loan .

Take out a loan in addition to an existing mortgage loan?

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If you already have a mortgage loan, you can also take out a loan. However, you must meet a number of strict conditions. In this case, the lender, with whom you make a loan application, looks at the possibilities and how much money you can borrow. A number of things that are looked at very well are:

  1. Your family composition.
  2. Your income.
  3. Your age.
  4. Your fixed costs (including any other loans).
  5. And of course the height of the mortgage loan.

Always pay attention to the future

Even if the lender agrees with the application, you have to think twice about whether it is necessary to borrow extra for a renovation. Can you also bear that extra burden in the future? Even though we can not advise you, we advise you to look further than your own nose is long. By this we mean that your own bank will never make a competitive loan proposal. Therefore, compare multiple providers of personal loans with each other. Elderly people can also borrow cheap money with a renovation loan .