Gojo Wakana from my dress up favorite was about to switch careers to cosplay

Gojo Wakana is taking a break from Hina dolls to focus on cosplay and obviously it’s an improvement.

My dress up favorite is a hit anime series in the winter 2022 anime season that blends elements of the shojo and sein genres with the world of cosplay to create something new for anime fans around the world. My dress up favorite takes place in high school but is no ordinary rom-com – it’s all about the magic of cosplay and inspiration.

The protagonist is Gojo Wakana, who defies shonen conventions as an insecure hobbyist who keeps his interest in Hina dolls a secret instead of telling the world. Gojo loves these dolls, but such a hobby feels like a dead end compared to the world of modern day cosplay, and Gojo should heed the advice. He must abandon ship and dedicate himself fully to cosplay.

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Why Gojo Wakana Should Cosplay Full Time

Gojo Wakana grew up with his grandfather and learned all about the world of classic Japanese doll making from him. For Gojo, these dolls are beautiful works of art, but almost no one else appreciates them. His cousin mocked him for liking dolls as a boy, and this awkward incident caused Gojo to keep his love for Hina dolls a secret. Now he can’t share his hobby with anyone but his grandfather. Almost nobody around him seems to appreciate hina dolls or other classic Japanese arts – they are more concerned with cosplay, anime, RPGs and other modern pop culture trends. This is Gojo’s chance to really put his tailoring skills to good use.

in the My dress up favoriteIn the early episodes of , Gojo is shown struggling to paint Hina dolls’ faces while finding it easy to design and make their clothes. This made him the perfect candidate to help Kitagawa Marin with her burgeoning cosplay career, and Gojo agreed. He would go shopping with Marin, taking her measurements in his room and going to the extremes to get her ready Raunchy girls 2 Cosplay in time for an event.

Gojo was exhausting himself, but he was also having a lot of fun, and he created an excellent costume that inspired veteran cosplayer Juju to enlist his services next. Gojo’s talent for fabrics and tailoring is already paying off and is also helping him form his first real friendships. Hina dolls merely place Gojo on this track; It’s cosplay that helps him express himself and make other people happy.

It’s clear that Gojo has a rich future with cosplay, while making Hina dolls offered him no such future, as far as Gojo could tell. After all, he can’t get used to a secret hobby, and Juju and Marin aren’t interested in it either. In contrast, cosplay is a huge mainstream industry with plenty of room for innovation, and Gojo is well-positioned to capitalize on it at scale. He has every reason to switch to cosplay and give up Hina dolls, and his grandfather would probably understand. Practically speaking, this is by far the best way for Gojo, but there are a few issues that need to be resolved first.

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Why Gojo Wakana Can’t Give Up Hina Dolls

Gojo nervous in darling

Most signs point to a future in cosplaying or even breaking into the formal fashion industry for Gojo, and he could make it big in those areas. Maybe Gojo already knows that, but he also knows that he can’t easily turn his back on his Hina doll hobby. First of all, Gojo would never graduate if he gave up the hobby immediately as he always wanted to master the art of doll face painting. It would bother him greatly if he gave up the hobby and never quite mastered it, and My dress up favorite has already made it clear how thorough he can be in his projects. He cannot bear to leave something half-finished or rush his work.

Second, Gojo would feel guilty if he gave up the hobby that helped keep him and his grandfather together. Even if the elder Gojo fully understood, Gojo Wakana would feel like he was insulting his grandfather by abandoning their mutual hobby and the elder Gojo would be left alone with it. This guilt would eat up Gojo Wakana and he would soon get back to the Hina dolls.

Somehow, Gojo Wakana has to solve these problems if and when he plans to devote himself full-time to the world of cosplay. His newest hobby has a much brighter future than the older one, but this old one is too personal to give up easily. Gojo may have to think about it seriously and make some tough decisions later to decide what his future should be like.

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