From selling out of a brown bag to opening a five star business

On the day that Sibusiso Nomgenge opened the Nomgenge Duo (ND) flagship store, emotions ran high as he celebrated a new era in his life.

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Nomgenge started out selling clothes from a brown bag before growing into a pop-up store, setting up a shop in his backyard and finally a flagship store.

He started in a one-room space that he divided into two areas, a clothing manufacturing area and a retail area.

As the business expanded, he acquired a container and converted it into the flagship within six months.

“ND stands for change. As we ascend, the church ascends with us. That’s how we started and that’s how we will grow,” said Nomgenge.

The young entrepreneur said when they started the store people didn’t see it positively at first and he couldn’t understand why as he was doing something positive in the community.

In his eyes, he built the community through his work and set a good example for the next generation.

However, over time he received support and acceptance from the community as people saw the good he was doing.

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The journey with the flagship was not all rosy. It was an ordinary container that they had to completely rebuild.

Windows were cut out and installed, the flooring re-done and the wiring had to be done to make sure there was electricity.

They had to do everything from scratch and that makes the flagship store even more special, according to Nomgenge.

He went on to talk about the struggles he was facing, such as finances, that caused the launch to be delayed.

Despite all the difficulties they faced to get the flagship up and running, they all worked together with the help they received to make it a success.

Nomgenge plans to create jobs in the community, build a value chain and strengthen his team. He is also considering opening a factory and expanding the brand over the next five years.

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