Formlabs announces the Dental Academy 3D printing education platform

Formlabs has announced a new educational platform dedicated to advancing 3D printing in dentistry.

With online and classroom courses, as well as step-by-step tutorials and webinars, Formlabs Dental Academy is designed to empower lab technicians, orthodontists, and clinicians to implement 3D printing in their organization. It strengthens the company’s position in the dental sector with more than 25 million dental parts said to have been 3D printed using Formlabs technology.

Despite such extensive application of its technology to dentistry, Formlabs recognized a need for further education. Formlabs offers Dental Academy as a free resource (although paid courses also exist) and believes it will fill a perceived skills gap in the dental sector by enabling professionals to leverage the benefits of 3D printing and “the best clinical outcomes.” , User satisfaction, and improved performance and print results.’ Areas of focus include an introduction to Stereolithography 3D Printing (SLA), the applicability of SLA to orthodontic and restorative applications, training on technology fundamentals, materials, and implementation strategies.

“Formlabs Dental delivers 3D printers, materials and workflows to meet the needs of the dental industry to support efficient, affordable, personalized care and improved patient outcomes,” commented Philipp Striebe, Global Dental Marketing Manager at Formlabs. “Formlabs Dental Academy is the next step in enabling the industry to realize these benefits by expanding the skills, knowledge and businesses of 3D printing professionals. The platform offers free online courses, educational content, and hands-on workshops that enable dental labs, dentists, and orthodontists to begin or expand their knowledge and skills in digital dentistry to benefit both their practice and their patients. “

To develop the curriculum, Formlabs will work with industry leaders, educators, and educational institutions, including the London Dental Institute, SWECADD, and Capacitación Pérez Giugovaz. Working with these partners, Formlabs Dental Academy will continue to evolve, with courses initially available in English, Spanish, Swedish and German.

“The Swedish organization for Computer Aided Digital Dentistry is honored to be a part of Formlabs Dental Academy,” added Dr. Michael Braian, DDS, CDT, PhD, Founder of SWECADD and thought leader of Formlabs Dental. “Formlabs has long been at the forefront of additive manufacturing in dentistry and now has a great educational portal for everyone.”

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