Earth Day should be every day, says the owner of a thrift shop in Durban North

WHEN Robyn Webster decided to make the switch from selling new clothes to used clothes, she did so because she saw there was a market for them.

The owner of Dress for Less in Durban North also saw the huge environmental benefit, as the production of new clothes and textiles generates massive CO2 emissions that are harmful to the planet.

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“Every day should be Earth Day. When you shop at a thrift store, you save money and make an eco-friendly choice to help preserve our planet,” she said a day after International Earth Day, which falls on May 22.

“I want the younger market to buy second-hand clothes. Apparel manufacturers also need to start looking closely at their carbon footprint and making changes to reduce it,” Webster said.

She said her customers are both environmentally conscious and looking for a bargain.

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