Driving a global sports retailer’s growth strategy by enabling visibility of sell-through data

Curious to know how a multi-billion dollar global company increased demand visibility by 60% by harmonizing near real-time data from countless sources? Continue reading!

Our client, a multi-billion dollar global company involved in the design, development and distribution of footwear, apparel and athletic equipment, faced the challenge of collecting on-site data. Despite their best efforts, they did not succeed in this endeavor.

Merchants were returning data in their own format and file type across various POS systems, making the format of the data collected unusable for reporting.

Without a clear, real-time view of sales performance across regions, products, and other dimensions, demand planners were working with sell-through data (number of products sold to the retailer) instead of the more accurate sell-through data (number of products sold). to customers).

To overcome these challenges, our client explored TradeEdge to enable global data collection and harmonization for better demand planning.

Download the case study to learn how we enabled the client to set up unified processes to collect secondary data for insights and enabled the client to see a 60% increase in partner network and brand exposure and a 30% increase in inventory turns .

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