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Austin, Texas, Dec 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dr. Julie Sanchez is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as Distinguished Retail Owner for her work in her company Spoonie Threads.

Dr. Sanchez works as a pediatric surgeon at Austin Pediatric Surgery, where she has practiced for over two decades. It treats infants, children, and adolescents with a range of problems, including liver disease, intestinal blockages, congenital abnormalities, and more. Her work has given her great insight into the needs of sick children and their families.

After Dr. Sanchez discovered the lack of appropriate (and fashionable) adaptable clothing, he founded Spoonie Threads in 2015. Spoonie Threads is an adaptable clothing and accessories company founded for children and adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The company was co-founded by women and uses the medical background of Dr. Sanchez to learn about patient needs. All designs are tested to ensure they meet specific medical requirements. The products are designed to make customers feel stylish and on-trend, comfortable and clean all day long.

The company motto is: “Limitations? So not our style.” Spoonie Threads products have many uses in ostomy care, post-operative recovery, breastfeeding and expressing, diabetes care, tubing and port care, and more. Spoonie Threads sells pajamas, bodysuits, and off the shoulder t-shirts in sizes for infants, toddlers, children, and adults. The products are designed to provide healthcare professionals and families with easy access to connectors and other medical equipment. They also sell printed ostomy pouch covers that add a touch of humor and prevent the pockets from staining clothing. Their brightly colored belts and waistbands can hold insulin pumps and medication for diabetics, or support stomata, feeding tubes and more.

Spoonie Threads is committed to environmental sustainability and ethical production. Spoonie Threads ensures that their apparel suppliers never use child labor and that they offer their employees fair wages. They mainly use recycled and recyclable packaging and are working to improve sustainability metrics in their material sourcing and manufacturing processes.

The company name Spoonie Threads is a reference to Christine Miserandinos “Spoon Theory” of disability. The spoon theory assumes that every person has a certain number of spoons or units of energy every morning and that every task – getting dressed, eating a meal – costs a spoon. A chronically ill person can run out of spoons before noon, while a healthy person has spoons left at the end of the day. In her apparel brand title, Dr. Sanchez used this analogy to explain the compromises the chronically ill have to make every day. Her clothing line is intended to make everyday life easier for children and adults and offers clothing that puts a smile on their faces.

For more information, visit https://spooniethreads.com.

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