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(CBSDFW.COM) – Ready to say, “I do?” Well, it seems that more couples are in the same boat than ever.

A nationwide wedding boom is being felt in the Dallas-Fort Worth area after a year of lockdown caused couples from the past two years to finally postpone their big day, or in some cases have another big day.

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“For us, two weddings were the answer,” said 2020 bride Rachel Williams.

She and her fiancé got engaged in 2019, set their dream wedding for June 2020 and, like many others, received the pandemic with surprise.

“We realized it wasn’t going to happen, so what is Plan B?” She said.

A few months later they had an intimate ceremony by the lake of the Possum Kingdom. But now they want the real deal.

A second wedding, this time with friends and family, will take place this Saturday a year later.

Her wedding planner Kari Loth from Southern Bash Weddings says she has never seen the wedding business boom.

“I’ve had so many COVID-displaced brides. Besides, everyone now seems to be getting married. This year I have twice as many customers as in previous years, ”said Loth.

She says it’s the 2019, 2020, and now 2021 pairs all competing for the same services.

“I already have brides for 2022 in my books … that’s not typical at all,” she said. “And all the small towns around DFW, all the wedding vendors … they are fully booked until 2022”

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But the wedding boom doesn’t end with more brides and busy wedding planners, it’s an entire industry.

“We often come early and go late,” said Catherine Freeman, manager of Dallas’ Warren Barron Bridal.

“Basically every day it’s bride after bride, after bride,” she said.

Warren Barron has seen sales grow 40% as brides come from all over the country to shop for dresses.

“We have New York brides, California brides, people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have bought their wedding gowns here … since Texas was open for so long,” she said.

Popular venues, like the Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas, plan to end the year with double the number of weddings of their best year.

“[The courtyard] is our favorite location for wedding ceremonies because it is outdoors so they can be held in accordance with CDC guidelines, ”said Anthony DiGiovanni of Hotel Crescent Court.

They are booked every Saturday until the end of the year.

“We have been fully booked since 2019 on the days 2021,” said DiGiovanni. “It is not so common to be so fully booked every single Saturday”

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If you are planning to get married in the next year or so, they all say you should be flexible about looking for alternative arrangements if necessary, and if you’re unwilling to sacrifice a place or date, you may prepare for a longer one Engagement before.

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