Designer Isaac Silva reintroduces the Visible Mark capsule collection

According to a report by the Observatory on Deaths and Violence Against LGBTI+ (“Observatório de Mortes e Violências contra LGBTI+”), Brazil is the country with the highest number of deaths among the LGBTQIA+ population. When this type of violence doesn’t kill, it leaves scars, both physical and psychological, that are very difficult to heal. What if these brands, normally kept under wraps, had changed their narratives and become the samples of a collection signed by one of the most influential fashion designers of our time?

That was the core idea of ​​Isaac Silva’s “Visible Mark”, co-created by FCB Brasil for Casa Neon Cunha. The six-piece capsule collection was released in May and is now back in limited editions on the brand’s e-commerce sites.

The collection, called “Visible Mark”, consists of white pieces with a single colored detail, right in the place of the scars that real people bear. And thanks to NFC technology, you can simply bring your phone close to the colored marker to access and listen to the story of the person with that scar.

“The pieces in the collection tell the true stories of people who, after finding warmth and protection, were able to move on from violence and rewrite their own scars. By ‘taking’ those scars off their skin and turning them into a fashion brand, we’re sending a message to everyone: there’s a support network, there’s love and warmth, we’re all stuck together,” says Isaac Silva.

Proceeds from the sale of the collection will go to Casa Neon Cunha, an NGO providing services to the LGBTQIA+ population in São Bernardo do Campo and the greater São Paulo ABC area. Additionally, the stories guide people to a support center for the LGBTQIA+ community, which helps promote initiatives to welcome its members and offer psychological support and legal advice.

“As more people proudly wear the stories of resilience, love and pride of Bernardo, Ray, Renata, Amanda, Wesley and Kamilly, the closer we come to our goal of bringing the spotlight to the issue and nurturing the support network that can empower people in vulnerable communities.” situations help,” says Isaac.

The collection is available for purchase on the designer’s website here.

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