Cypress Police Desk Pad June 7th to June 13th 2021

The items shown below were selected from Cypress Police Department logs. The Police Blotter is not a comprehensive list of police-related incidents in the city, and no fault is implied by the display of any item on the Cypress Police Blotter.

June 7, 2021

Grand Theft – 10:32 am – 9300 block from Julie Beth St. – Strangers distracted an elderly victim and stole a ring from his finger. The suspect was described as an Asian woman, who was last seen in a gray Hyundai Tucson SUV.
Grand Theft – 11:10 a.m. – 8700 Block Cypress Ave. – Unknown suspects cut up and removed the catalytic converter from the victim’s 2009 Honda Element. During a follow-up investigation, police identified the suspect vehicle as a blue 2005 Chrysler registered in Los Angeles.
Residential burglary – 11:11 p.m. – 9800 block Bloomfield Ave. – One person entered the victim’s home through an unlocked patio shutter while the victim slept on the couch and his wife slept in the bedroom. The victim awoke from the couch and began entering the bedroom as the suspect ran out of the bedroom and exited the rear slider. The victim waited ten minutes before calling the police. The suspect was described as a male, 19-23 years old, Caucasian, 6ft tall, wearing a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes. The loss was a phone call from a suspicious person where they found the aforementioned wallet. The suspect was not found. CSI was performed.

June 8, 2021

Arrest – 3:19 a.m. – 6100 Block Lincoln Ave. – The detector heard cutting noises. An officer contacted a male who was in possession of a catalytic converter, a power saw, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a credit card that did not belong to him. The catalytic converter was found to have been stolen from a Mercedes. The person was arrested for the above violations.
Grand Theft – 2:11 p.m. – 5800 block Katella Ave. – Sometime overnight, an unknown
The suspect stole a $1200.00 copper backflow water valve from the back of the store.

June 9, 2021

Arrest – 12:38 p.m. – 4100 block of Elizabeth – A police assistant attempted to tow a vehicle and while the tow truck lifted the car onto the truck, the registered owner attempted to prevent the car from being towed. Subject opened the door and placed his dog in the vehicle, then climbed onto the tow truck ramp and leaned against his vehicle. Officers arrived at the scene and a male subject was eventually arrested for defying or stopping an officer.
Attempted Grand Theft – 2:12 p.m. – 9900 block of keeper – The victim interrupted a male person who was under his vehicle trying to remove the catalytic converter. The victim hit the suspect, and then the suspect jumped up and hit the victim with the sawtooth and fled south to Holder in a maroon sedan.

June 10, 2021

Arson Inquiry – 1:20 a.m. – 4000 Block of Ball Rd. – Dispatch received multiple calls about smoke seen behind the site. When officers arrived, they found two dumpsters completely buried. A subject was contacted in the area and field interviewed. OCFA Arson Investigators responded and conducted an investigation.
Commercial burglary – 4:00 a.m. – 6300 block Lincoln Ave. – A passer-by reported an open door at the site and watched a newer Cadillac Escalade exit the site. When officers arrived, they found a broken window. No suspects were present when the store was inspected. An employee responded and pointed out that the cash register was missing. The store is equipped with surveillance cameras and video will be provided as soon as it becomes available.
Petty Theft – 9:01 am – 6900 Block Andrew – While following the street sweeper, a police assistant was notified by the sweeper that a male had just stolen a bicycle from a local garage. The male subject was roller skating with a woman. Officers arrived at the scene and found a female person leaving the neighborhood on Knott Ave. The bike was found abandoned a few blocks away and the male was not found. The woman was questioned at the scene and taken to hospital by ambulance after admitting to swallowing a bag of fentanyl. The bike was returned to the owner.

June 11, 2021

Arrest – 6:45 a.m. – 5600 Block Lincoln Ave. – After numerous duty calls between night and day shifts, a male subject was arrested on attempted robbery, burglary, criminal threats and false imprisonment after attempting to steal a cellphone from a passerby, then crossing the street and entering the above location. Inside, he stole clothes (and put them on), threatened the family who were inside (parents and two children), and locked the screen door to prevent them from leaving. Officials surrounded the place and the object peacefully surrounded by officers.
Grand Theft – 9:32 a.m. – 8900 Block Electric – The victim’s five-pound Yorkie was stolen from the front of the store at around 5:23 p.m. the day before and is valued at $2,500. Surveillance footage of the suspects shows two elderly women in dark clothing.

June 12, 2021

Theft in progress – 10:34 p.m. – 8800 Block Watson St. – Due to an ongoing catalyst theft, officers were dispatched to the listed location. An officer arrived at the scene first and found a running white Honda occupied by a male and female suspect. Another male suspect lay under a parked U-Haul truck and was in the process of removing the catalytic converter. Both male suspects fled on foot while the driver of the Honda fled in the vehicle. After a brief foot chase, a male subject was arrested. The registered owner of the Honda has been positively identified as a prominent female suspect. The second male suspect has not been located or identified.

June 13, 2021

Burglary – 11:54 am – Block 4900 Katella Ave. – While the victim was exercising, an unidentified woman broke into her locker and stole her wallet. The victim’s credit cards were then used on-site at Target.
Hit-and-run traffic collision – 1:34 p.m. – Noumea/Valley View – A silver BMW sedan (four-door) crashed into a city-owned sign and fled the area before officers could arrive. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his 20s with brown hair.
Catalyst Theft – 9:25 Hours – Orangewood/Halawa – Between 9:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., an unknown person stole the catalytic converter from the victim’s vehicle. The suspect may have been driving a four-door silver sedan.

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