condemns the charge that Michael Costello called boutique owner Maxi James “N-Word”


Roommate drama and fashion designer Michael Costello continues as various celebrities share their experiences with him in situations they describe as threatening, offensive, humiliating, and racist. One of his whistleblowers, Maxi James, claimed to have called her an “N-word” in 2014.

Well, Michael shot down James accusation and categorically denied the situation that had happened so far. But he said she physically assaulted him in the clothing store.

His representative shared the following statement:

“MRS. James denies the data science provided by Instagram and proves Michael’s innocence. It encourages violence as if beating Michael in a clothing store. Published. The article only confirms the false information exposed as it retransmits it. We are overwhelmed of the fact that this story has been picked up and re-divided and desperately want to tell the truth. Michael vehemently denies the hideous lies James called her N-word. He mourns that she continues to spread those lies to hurt him. . “

As previously reported, Maxi James shared her experience with Michael Costello. “Impressive! Up![e] Think of that karmic boy! It will always come back! Even after 7 years! Michael Costello was nervous about playing the victim of bullying, but seven years ago he called for self-bullying and called me “Black Ni ** er B ** ch” in a downtown textile store. I called. Surely his a ** almost went to jail. Thank God for his mercy. I definitely lost it. I only knew how to fight.

We’ll keep posting you as the story develops.

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condemns the allegation that Michael Costello called the boutique owner Maxi James “N-Word”

Quellenlink condemns claims that Michael Costello called boutique owner Maxi James “N-Word”

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