Clothing store wants to revive Main Street | Greene County

CATSKILL – A new company trying to revitalize the apparel industry has set up shop on Main Street in Catskill.

Made X Hudson opened its clothing factory at 391 Main Street in November.

The factory was originally located in Leeds in the town of Catskill but moved to its location in the village two months ago.

Eric De Feo, chief executive officer of Made X Hudson, said the company aims to produce local soft goods in small quantities.

“We have customer orders where we make women’s and men’s clothing,” he said. “We also do housewares. We look after many small brands in the region. We’ve worked with 22 brands in the last seven months since our launch in May. We started regionally and are now working on a national level with many small brands who want to scale because there are only a handful of small-series production services in the country. “

De Feo said the United States has outsourced the vast majority of its apparel manufacturing overseas in the past few decades, giving a local apparel company the opportunity to thrive.

“So we’re on a mission to revitalize and bring the industry back,” he said.

De Feo, who lives in Hudson, is also the founder of the Hudson Community Incubator, a structured community of startup companies that aims to provide mentoring, training and services to local entrepreneurs.

Looking for a home for Made X Hudson, the company found a welcoming landing spot in downtown Catskill. Made X’s new home has a historical pedigree. The prominent building is the former headquarters of Central Hudson Gas and Electric and the second floor housed the former offices of the Catskill Daily Mail.

“Half of our team is from Hudson and the other is from Catskill and we settled in Catskill because it was honestly cheaper,” De Feo said with a laugh. “We also thought that Catskill had a really great creative community and it was a nice synergy for us to work with.”

The company sells housewares online, but the Main Street location does not have an on-site retail operation.

In a short period of time, the company has become a destination for clothing designers looking to expand their activities.

“We found that a lot of people, especially designers, needed help scaling their business,” said De Feo. “The only way to achieve this was to outsource some of their production so they could focus on growing their business.”

De Feo said the Catskill company hopes to expand in the years to come while maintaining ethical work practices.

“We want to keep growing and at the same time support small businesses,” he said. “We’ll find out over time, but ultimately we want to be a national space for the region because we feel like it is badly needed.”

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