CLOSING TIME: Inflation rises to 2.1%; worth £775m

CLOSING TIME: Inflation rises to 2.1%; valued at £775m; British music exports reach record levels

The FTSE rose to a new post-pandemic high above 7,220 today before falling back to close 12 points at 7,184.

The UK-focused FTSE 250 ended the day slightly lower, down 14 points to 22,617, and the pound rose 0.2 percent against the dollar to $1.41.

The UK’s inflation rate rose to 2.1 percent last month on increases in fuel prices, food and drink and more expensive clothing, the Office for National Statistics said.

Online furniture retailer – which was co-founded by creator Brent Hoberman – has confirmed it will be making its IPO debut today with a price tag of £775.3m.

The value of UK music exports soared to a record high of £519m last year as the popularity of streaming on platforms like Spotify soared, making the country the second largest music exporter behind the United States.

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Fuel: Higher fuel prices pushed inflation in the UK up to 2.1 per cent last month


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