Christmas gift ideas from local Columbus companies

Christmas shoppers have been warned again and again this year to shop early.

Supply chain problems can affect what goods are in stock or when they arrive in stores or at a buyer’s door due to a variety of issues, especially big box chains like Target or Walmart or online giant

Add in the inevitable shipping delays that will occur during gift season with the United States Postal Service and other carriers, and shopping closer to home this year might be a good idea.

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After the past 18 months that small businesses in the area have suffered from the pandemic, business owners in central Ohio would love to help gift givers choose the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree, open the menorah, or just give a loved one One can show people what they mean to you at any point during this holiday season.

Small and local shopping, though it’s been a mantra for several years, may become even more important – for both businesses and consumers – in 2021 than in the past.

In this sense, The shipping Put together this gift guide from companies in the area to help shoppers get started ticking off their to-do items.

And while it’s not exhaustive, here is a selection of gift ideas for just about anyone on your lovely list:

OSU Jam Wilson and Olave T-shirt from Homage

Christmas gifts for Columbus sports fans

• The original SPIbelt, $ 24.99, from Columbus Running Company: This belt pouch, available in a variety of colors and prints, holds a smartphone, keys, credit cards, cash, and even a passport. While an ideal gift for a runner, this accessory is also great for any fitness activity, such as hiking, traveling, or jamming at a music festival. (Available in stores and online at

• OSU Jam Wilson and Olave t-shirt, $ 32, from Homage: For the first time, Homage is presenting current Buckeyes on its buttery soft, soft clothing in a vintage look based on name, image and similarity offers. This scarlet and gray version of the arcade throwback classic features two of the Buckeyes’ favorite wide receivers, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave. (Available in select stores and online at

• CBJ vacation package, from $ 99, Columbus Blue Jackets: This special includes two game tickets for two games of your choice as well as a limited Blue Jackets Homage T-shirt. (Available online at or Nationwide Arena, 200 W. Nationwide Blvd.)

Columbus 96 yellow crewneck fleece by Supporter Supply Co.

• Columbus 96 yellow fleece with round neck, $ 45, from Supporter Supply Co .: Feels like a hug. The heather mustard crewneck sweatshirt pays homage to the Columbus Crew’s roots as one of the original MLS clubs from the inaugural 1996 season. This will keep fans cozy all winter until the crew hits the field again in late February. (Available online at

Happy Everything Base & Attachment by Coton Colors from the Farm Table on 62

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Christmas gifts for foodies

• Breakfast gift set, $ 55, from Lopaus Point: Breakfast fanatics will love this prepackaged package, which includes two small packs of gluten-free, hand-made waffles (your choice of blueberry or chocolate chips), Milligan’s maple syrup, coffee mugs, and locally sourced bamboo, toaster tongs and an insulated lunch box. (Available online at

Abominable Haze and Citrus Shortbread Bundle from Wolf's Ridge Brewing

• Cookies & Beer: Loathsome Haze + Citrus Shortbread, $ 21.99, from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: This gift includes a four-pack of Abominable Haze, a double dry-hopped white IPA, and five freshly baked citrus shortbread cookies. It’s one of four combinations of seasonal beers and biscuits available at the Downtown Brewery this Christmas season. (Available online at

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• Deluxe set for winemaking, $ 195, from the Winemaker’s Shop: Even the greatest wine connoisseur will love a bottle of wine they made themselves. These kits make the process easy and manageable as this package contains all of the equipment and ingredients needed to make 30 bottles of Vino in about four to six weeks. (Available in store at 3517 N. High St.)

• Cocktail jam gift set, $ 38, from Prospect Jams Co .: This curated collection includes three popular jams for making cocktails in 10-ounce jars. The jams, which include flavors like blood orange jam with rye whiskey and vanilla pod, also come with three recipe cards so you can impress your friends at your next happy hour. (Available online at and from several retailers listed on the website)

Apparently I'm a Jamison & Bexley Dramatic Graphic T-Shirt

Christmas presents for the little ones

• “Apparently I’m Dramatic” T-Shirt, $ 20, from Jamison & Bexley: This statement t-shirt is sure to turn heads when your child wears it. The 100% cotton crew neck is made to order and while the saying goes best for toddlers, this piece is also available in youth and adult sizes for an additional charge. (Available online at

Sound cubes from Cub Shrub

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• Sound cubes, $ 38, from Cub Shrub: These sound cube building blocks are so fun to stack, whether on the floor or as a decoration on a shelf, and each piece of wood makes a unique sound when shaken or pushed. They were also designed by local artist Suzy Ultman. (Available in store, 1257 Grandview Ave. or online at

Home for the Holidays Dough Sensory Kit from Splendid Box Co.

• Dough sensor kits, $ 30- $ 40, from Splendid Box, Co .: These unicorn, dinosaur, holiday-themed malleable dough sets contain a pack or two of brightly colored homemade dough and a variety of trinkets, decorations, and cutting utensils that are free to the child’s imagination Let run wild – and give mom or dad some urgently needed time out. (Available online at, with a local pickup option)

Peppermint Yule Block Soap by Glean

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Christmas gifts for those looking for relaxation

• Peppermint Yule bar soap, $ 10, from Glean Artisan Bath & Body: This locally handmade soap will fill your home with the smell of festive peppermints for the holidays. With mica, a natural, finely ground stone, colored and decorated with eco-glitter, every bar is skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. (Available online at

Botanical body spritz set from Under Aurora

• Botanical body spritz set, $ 28, from Under Aurora: This gift set allows users to sample each of the seven fragrances, which include floral, fruity, and woody notes. These body splashes are 100% natural plant-based fragrances, handcrafted from a unique blend of alcohol-based essential oils, perfect for after a shower or everyday use. (Available online at and on site at Wild Cat Gift & Party, 3515 N. High St.)

Vintage decanter from the Little Light Collective

Christmas gifts for home decorators

• Vintage decanter, $ 10 to $ 55, from the Little Light Collective: While you never really know what you’ll discover in this vintage co-op – where old things and artists shine their light – there are glass carafes of various shapes and sizes closed most days Find . These, as well as candle holders, are popular gifts, according to the shopkeeper. (Available in store at 3041 Indianola Ave.)

• Happy Everything Base and attachment by Coton Colors, $ 18.95 for essays and $ 34.95 and up for coasters, from Farm Table at 62: These interchangeable coasters (plates, cookie jars, picture frames) and attachments (seasonal and Christmas) are the perfect gift for everyone Entertainers, as far as they allow him or her to be festive for every celebration. (Available in store, 3952 Broadway, Grove City, and online at

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• Reusable Swedish tea towel 3-pack, $ 18, from Koko: Mopping up never looked so cute when you use these reusable Swedish tea towels, which come in a variety of prints. They become soft when wet, are easy to wash and dry, and are biodegradable, making paper towels superfluous. (Available in store at 15 N. Westmoor Ave. and 3023 Indianola Ave. and online at

• Thanksgiving cactus$ 5.99 to $ 17.99 depending on size, from Groovy Plants Ranch: Schlumbergera truncata, also known as the Thanksgiving cactus, is a very charming fall and winter blooming houseplant with flattened stems that eventually produce beautiful flowers . It is easy to care for and therefore a popular Christmas present. (Available in store at 15 4140 County Road, Marengo, or online at

Christmas gifts for art lovers

• Patterned kauri earrings, $ 18.50, from Whimsical Black Girl: These versatile earrings feature geometric shapes and gold polymer clay cowrie shells. They are handmade and made to order, and have a metal back that is safe for sensitive skin. (Available online at

• Round looms, $ 28, from Yarn it & Haberdashery: These adorable little wooden looms allow people to try weaving on a small scale. For those more experienced in fiber art, the tool can be used to create masterpieces from scraps of yarn. The pieces are made by the local artisan A Hare Affair. (Available in store at 1093 W. 1st Ave., Grandview Heights)

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Decorative pillows from the museum shop of the Columbus Museum of Art

• Aelfie animal pillow, $ 75, from the Museum Store at the Columbus Museum of Art: Art doesn’t just belong on walls, these whimsical animal pillows would look great on any couch or bed. Every cuddly pillow, which is available in different animal shapes such as cats and cheetahs, is colorfully embroidered with a cover made of organic cotton and makes even the most serious of people smile. (Available in store at 480 E. Broad St., no museum entry required)

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