Brand MN unveils its first runway collection at NY Fashion Week

Designer Andre Sackman says Love Disorder is about loving your disorders and learning how to live with them.

NEW YORK CITY, NY — Minnesota fashion designer Andre Sackman says his Love Disorder brand is about “loving your disorders and learning how to live with them,” and obviously some big names in fashion love those message behind the brand.

First, about eight months ago, the Mall of America welcomed Love Disorder to its newly developed Community Commons space, designed to help minority-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic and civil unrest.

“It’s about mental health and awareness,” Sackman said of his label. “All the pieces I make are meant to continue the conversation.”

Not even a year later, Sackman received more good news. This time it was an invitation to attend New York Fashion Week.

“They reached out to me,” Sackman said. “Emailed me and said, ‘We love your brand and we love everything you do.'”

In the Break Free NYFW fashion showHer models wore eight exclusive pieces designed by Sackman. He describes the collection as avant-garde meets medicine. During the design and production process, he had to overcome a challenge – similar to his brand’s message.

“I was actually having some very difficult personal issues with my family, so I had a time limit to create my collection,” he said on Zoom Tuesday while waiting for a return flight from JFK to MSP. “It was literally eight days but it turned out really well and a lot of people enjoyed it and I’m happy with the result.”

love disorder is currently offering exclusive Love Disorder Runway 2022 hoodies at its Mall of America store.

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