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It’s official – Juneteenth is a federal holiday! While the officials work out the details, we’re celebrating with 5 brands owned by Black to kick off the summer and get the cause going! With everything from housewares to beauty and everything in between, we got the whole family covered on our list.

Here are some of our favorite black-owned companies to help you out on this (and any) Juniteenth:

1. Simply Naked Candle Co.
Born from a nurse’s desire to share her favorite R&R routine, Simply Naked Candle Co. (SNCC for short) combines delicious flavors with memorable names to stand out from the crowd. Unlike some big companies, SNCC’s candles are all natural, using only clean ingredients like 100% soy wax, coconut, and beeswax. Each candle is handmade and the scent is always pleasant, never intrusive.

Simple Naked Candle Co is also known for its collection with renowned R&B singer Sammie. The collection includes six fragrances from “Pure Honey” to “Dream About Me”, each of which was developed in collaboration with the artist.

The Atlanta-based brand offers shipping worldwide, but be sure to stop by their store if you’re in the ATL! SNCC also offers personal candle making experiences. There are classes for parties, events, and even dates.

With restrictions lifted across the country, owners hope to open franchise and retail stores across the country. In the meantime, they have big plans, including a Bar lounge Opening soon in Atlanta.

Check out Simply Naked Candle Co and all of their collections Here!

2. LAMIK beauty

Love And Makeup In Kindness (LAMIK) Beauty is a vegan-friendly, natural make-up line for women of color.

From beautiful lip colors to high-quality brushes, the beauty brand offers everything for the perfect look. If the name LAMIK sounds familiar, you may have heard of hers Celebrity brow kit featured in articles for Allure, Essence, and even CNBC!

Kim Roxie, founder of LAMIK, founded the brand in Houston after seeing the toxic chemicals found in popular makeup brands. She decided to create clean makeup products that would offer women a safer, affordable option that matched their skin tone. In 2004, the brand was born as a local makeup store in Houston. After years of selling her product locally and losing her mother to breast cancer, LAMIK 2.0 was launched in 2020 with a focus on e-commerce. They debuted their best-selling brow kit and soon expanded their entire line that they have today!

Experience the LAMIK difference on yours website!

3. Bricks & Wood

Next up is South Central’s Brick & wood! This clothing company can be found in several streetwear stores around the world, bringing LA style to citizens everywhere. Their clear aesthetic, paired with unisex designs, offers something for everyone!

The brand recently unveiled its latest collection in collaboration with the classic clothing company. New balance. Fans everywhere raved when they tried to get their hands on B&W’s “Forest Green” 57 / 40s. The sneaker sold out quickly, but other items from the collection are still available on their site.

Bricks & Wood is dedicated to the stories of the residents of South Central. But it’s not your everyday clothing line! B&W prides itself on creating high quality garments that not only last a long time, but also represent the spirit of the times. They are determined to give small impoverished communities a platform to share their creativity!

Check out what’s left of the New Balance collaboration and many other Bricks & Wood items Here!

4. Yatir clothing

While B&W has some of the best streetwear deals on offer, colleague Joi Lanell aka “Madam Yatir” brings us the perfect mix of streetwear and glamor!

Yatir Clothing is a plus size fashion brand founded in 2016. With the clothes, Madam Yatir hopes that each of her customers will feel beautiful and satisfied with every purchase. With uplifting and funny phrases, Yatir clothing enhances your everyday wardrobe with the highest quality materials!

Of course you ask yourself ‘What does “Yatir” mean? According to the woman herself, Yatir is Hebrew for the most successful or the highest point of success. This sweeping phrase serves as the inspiration and destination for the e-commerce brand for Lanell. For Madam Yatir, success isn’t just about money – it’s about the way her customers are feeling.

You can find fashion basics, powerful office equipment and even a blog on the Yatir clothing Page? ˅! Are you looking for wholesale opportunities? Madam Yatir offers that too!

5. Symphony Chips Chip

We round off the list with a snack! Potato chips are easily a fan favorite, but this brand is a game changer.

Symphony is a family-run company that specializes in gourmet chips. They started out as a spice company selling Las Vegas chef Andre ‘Anderson’s unique blend of herbs and spices. Unfortunately the spices weren’t a hit so the team decided to offer tastings of raw vegetables and of course, potato chips in the store. Their chips quickly gained popularity when shoppers fell in love with Anderson’s (the family patriarch) spices on delicious homemade chips. The rest is history!

Symphony Chips has been featured at the Atlanta Black Star, Good Morning America, and a variety of other outlets. People can’t help but fall in love with the Anderson family and their flavorful chips! Since then, they have expanded to include three flavors: original, smoked and balsamic. Everyone has their own taste and they are all available online!

With all-natural ingredients and their family recipe, these chips are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and safe against peanut allergies! Did we mention that there is no MSG either? This is the perfect alternative to your big brands!

Try the chips or even invest in wholesale orders by looking at theirs website!

Do you have any additions to our list? Comment below with your favorite selections!

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