Bellino and Clements are seeking a Republican nomination for the Michigan Senate

Parts of Lenawee, Hillsdale and Monroe counties will have a new senator after this year’s election.

In the August 2 primary, Republicans in the new Senate District 16 will have a choice between two current state representatives from Monroe County: Joe Bellino of Monroe and TC Clements of Temperance. The primary election winner will advance to the general election in November, where he will have the only Democrat running for the position, Katybeth Davis of Monroe Township.

District 16 includes most of Lenawee, Monroe, and Hillsdale counties. Tecumseh City and Township, Clinton Village and Township, and Macon Township are in Senate District 15, which stretches through southern Washtenaw County to Ann Arbor.

Questionnaires were provided to Bellino and Clements. Your answers are below. Davis will be profiled in the fall.

Joseph Bellino Jr.

Professional background: Owner, Broadway Market in Monroe.

Previous elected offices held: Country representative, three terms; Monroe County Community College Board Member.

In 50 words or less, what do you hope to achieve if elected? I want to continue my efforts to bring lower taxes and economic relief to families and businesses in Michigan. I will fight to give parents more power when it comes to their children’s education. I will continue to work on agricultural policies that protect the rights of family farmers.

TC Clements

State Representative TC Clements, R-Temperance

Professional background: For four years I was employed by a manufacturing company that made embroidered apparel, luggage, patches and hats for a variety of clients including the US military. I started my time there in the warehouse and within six months I was production manager, then sales manager and for the last three years the company’s chief operations officer. In addition, I have started several small businesses in my life as an entrepreneur. These have included real estate development, graphic design, solar technology, business consulting and my current co-ownership of a travel agency with my wife Jamie since 2013. Most recently I was a police officer and had many duties. During my tenure, I was trained and conducted patrol, traffic, investigations of various kinds, naval patrol, bike patrol, school resources, media relations, special teams, community service, and training. By the time I left the police force, I had achieved the rank of Deputy Chief of Police and was working directly for the Chief of Police.

Previous elected offices held: Country Representative, since 2020; Bedford Parish Trustee, 2016-20.

In 50 words or less, what do you hope to achieve if elected? Protect our freedoms and liberties. Reduce the size and scope of government. Restore the voice of my neighbors in Lansing. Work to reduce and/or eliminate our income taxes while maintaining safe communities where economic development can thrive. Fix our infrastructure, save life and restore the concept of We The People.

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