Bedrock Manufacturing Company appoints Awenate Cobbina as CEO

As CEO of BMC, Cobbina, 41, will drive all day-to-day business operations and develop new opportunities that complement their core business at a time when Shinola and Filson are both focused on growth. In this role, he is responsible for delivering quality products, superior results, a world class culture and targeted brands.

“Awenate has become an active member of the executive teams at BMC, Shinola and Filson later this year.” Tom Kartsotis, Founder of BMC, said. “Over the past few months, Cobbina has joined BMC’s board of directors and has worked closely with management to begin developing a concept for future growth.”

“The dynamism of our brands and stores, combined with the realities we faced due to the pandemic, brought us to a very exciting moment,” said Kartsotis. “The overall premise behind each of our brands has grown stronger as we’ve repositioned everything about our company over the past few quarters. I believe that the relevance of each of our businesses is stronger than ever.”

“Awenate’s capabilities are exactly what we need to get the most out of the investments made over time.

Kartsotis will continue to actively support BMC in its role as founder. He will work closely with Cobbina and his executive team to grow the company while maintaining the integrity and iconic attributes of the company’s brands as they grow; support a just, diverse and sustainable culture; and identify and cultivate new business opportunities.

Immediately before Cobbina joined Bedrock Group LP, the leading investor in BMC, earlier this year, Cobbina led operations as a member of the Executive Leadership Team of Biden-Harris Transition. He joined Transition from Pistons Sports & Entertainment and the Detroit Pistons, where he served as Vice President of Public and Business Affairs and Executive Director of the Detroit Pistons Foundation. He was a key member of a leadership team that made the pistons of Auburn Hills to Detroit in 2017.

Cobbina currently serves as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). Michigans public-private partnership for job creation and economic development. He was appointed to this position by the governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2019.

Prior to joining the Pistons, he served for nearly six years in the Obama White House as political officer, including legislative, management, and budgetary matters, and chief of staff, where Cobbina served as special assistant to the president and political advisor to the Chief of Staff’s Office. In 2018 he was the assistant director of the Whitmer-Gilchrist transition.

“I am very honored to be offered the position of CEO of BMC and look forward to playing a role in the development of the company. I see a bright future for all BMC companies and look forward to taking on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us as our businesses evolve; grow and have an impact on the communities in which we operate, “said Awenate. “The executives of BMC, Shinola and Filson, including our newly appointed CFO of BMC, Michele Santana, Shannon Washburn in Detroit, Paolo Corinaldesi in Seattle, and their teams have specific knowledge of the industries we operate in, experienced in both growing businesses and running large corporations, and are determined to build businesses that benefit our employees, customers and the communities we are part of , make proud.”

Founded in 2005 by Tom Kartsotis, Bedrock Manufacturing Company is a Texas-based investment firm whose brands include Shinola and Filson. Shinola, based in Detroit, is a design brand founded in 2011. She assembles clocks in The United States and sells a variety of lifestyle items designed to be lived in, worn out and loved. The first Shinola Hotel opened in 2019. Seattle-Filson is known for a 124-year history of manufacturing high-end outdoor apparel and accessories. Shinola and Filson products are sold on and; through proprietary retail stores; and through US and international distributors.

Media contact: Trish O’Callaghan, Vice President, Communication, [email protected]

Bedrock Group LP
Bedrock Group, LP and its affiliates are BMC’s largest single investor. BG was founded by our founder, among other charitable and business activities, and advises BMC on business strategies and licensing opportunities.

Bedrock manufacturing company
Bedrock Manufacturing Company is a manufacturing and design group that is home to a growing group of design-driven, global brands Shinola and Filson. Based in Detroit, Shinola is a design brand with an unwavering commitment to making products that last – everything from watches to leather goods, jewelry to audio equipment. Seattle-Filson is known for its high-end outdoor apparel and accessories.

SOURCE Bedrock Manufacturing Company

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